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I miss you soooo much!!! BUt i wont come back till next year :( Im sorry but im here for spring break if you wanna hang just gimme yo numba.  Jaylen Owens
You're so gorgeous. Omg
Thank you!
Miss ya 2 ha
Who is your Valentine?
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Latest need on pretty little liars?
What acne treatment do you use?
really don't understand why you think my skin is so clear but it's by neutrogina and it's called "on the spot treatment" ...
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Tbh. Emily!!! We need to hang out babe! ❤️  HD
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tbh|| bms. you're perfect❤️  jilliann
thanks dooll(:
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I MISS YOU!!! Sorry i havent been at school. I will be back soon. I LOVE ya friend. STAY NON-Lumpacious  Jaylen Owens
Love you miss you too Jaylen !
Can i swim in ur dimples pls #perfection
oh that's a first
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I love your dimplesss!
thank ya!(:
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Yes from the pictures I've seen it looks flawless.
oh well thank you!(: I just exfoliate alooot and put this acne treatment on at night sometimes
How is your skin so clear?
you think my skin is clear...? But thanksss
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I miss us talking
Then text me ..? It's easy
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Tbh, you're soo gorgeous!  Taylor Jo
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What's the most awkward compliment someone has ever said to you?
HAHAHAHAH oh gosh there is too many
You're beautiful!  BHS Freshman Girls
What's your kik
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Rate: so high,It would take my whole life to type out all the numbers  Ryan Graziani
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Selfie *
ehhhh neh
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Tbh, you're so pretty, I don't know you, and we have never talked, but that should change!  Ash
thank you, you are really pretty too!(: and yes it should! You and Connor are cute btw
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Your dimples are so cute!
ancient but.listen to this version it's gooood
And thank you!(:
Your dimples are so cute!
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Tbh•you're really pretty and best of luck to you for the miss NWA pageant!
thank yaaa
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Tumblr don't have.
Pinterest is Emily Edwarss but I delete sit last year and forgot my password so don't follow.
Twitter- emilylaurene99
Instagram- emilylaurene_
Facebook- Emily Edwards and a new one I'm about to make.
But if you mean what's my favorite then ig and twitter.
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