Emily Edwards @Emilylauren19
Just ask me anythingg✌✌❤
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No I'm watching keeping up with the kardashians
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I just came to say hello
are you playing minecraft?
Why does God bless you so much, but treats me like nothing. He doesnt bless me enough as much as He does you.
Just pray
Who do u hate
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teach me how to make my face pretty. teach me your ways please. I need help:)  Lauren Simpson
ask Caroline holler (;;;;
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Canaan Ross  Canaan Ross
black surfer wannabee
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How have you been doing with everything??
Why don't you date anyone in your grade?
whaat? I do.. I'm not going to date someone just to date them if I don't think it's going to last I'm not going to waste my time.
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When did you get your car?
a while back
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You are beautiful!
thank you!
I'm a loser and I will have nothing to do on my birthday. So you wanna hang?! Just lemme know if you are free and I'll txt the deets!!!  Jay Ōwens
aw missed ya
You and Hayden?
no no
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Favorite Juniors?
Pap of your eye
I miss you soooo much!!! BUt i wont come back till next year :( Im sorry but im here for spring break if you wanna hang just gimme yo numba.  Jay Ōwens
You're so gorgeous. Omg
Thank you!
Miss ya 2 ha
Who is your Valentine?
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Latest need on pretty little liars?
What acne treatment do you use?
really don't understand why you think my skin is so clear but it's by neutrogina and it's called "on the spot treatment" ...
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Tbh. Emily!!! We need to hang out babe! ❤️  HD
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tbh|| bms. you're perfect❤️  jillian❥
thanks dooll(:
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I MISS YOU!!! Sorry i havent been at school. I will be back soon. I LOVE ya friend. STAY NON-Lumpacious  Jay Ōwens
Love you miss you too Jaylen !