Emm Willett @EmmWillett
Emm Willett @EmmWillett
Ask me anything and I'll answer with complete honesty:-) Twitter: ‎@EmmWillett_xo Instagram: emmwillett
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Have you got a close relationship with your brother?
Yes and no, it depends what sorts of moods we're both in
Do you prefer Emm or Emily?
Depends who you are, if it's family or friends then Emm is fine but if its like a teacher I'd probably prefer Emily
Do you have an iPod or iPad? Which do you prefer?
I have an iPad
Do you enjoy Rounders?
Do you enjoy Tennis?
What is one thing that many people don't know about you?
Well if I said then they'd know
Opinion on Jack Carroll?
Do you have your own laptop/computer?
Yeah but its broken
Did you watch Andy Murray win?
Do You like good manners or are you not Bothered?
Good manners please
You and Lewis should totally go out!
We're just friends, he's my bestmate!
Have you got a boyfriend?
No lol
What sixth form are you hoping to go to?
Probably worcester sixth
Woah, you couldn't be any better as a best friend if you tried!
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What would I do without you?
I dont know, probaby be better off
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You may be mine too but as I'm unsure of your identity I'm not saying it back
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Whats your middle name?
What do you think of people who pop up all the time on Facebook?
Depends who they are, can be fine or can be annoying
You are very pretty Emm, don't let anyone tell you you are not.
Thank you :-)
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Which Rugby team do you support?
Worcester Warriors
What is your biggest worry about the future?
That I'll be unhappy
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Why you so amazing?
Aw fankssssss
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What career do you want?
Accountant or criminal lawyer
Do you like Olly Murs?
YES. If you have to ask me that you seriously don't know me, I freakin love him