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Emma DiLoreto @EmmaDiLoreto
Chesterfield, Michigan
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Who sent the last text message you received?
that was from me (;  Abby Kropa
You're a doll
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laughing at the people who still try & make fun of you, she obviously doesn't care anymore, get over it. I miss you Emma, ur gorgeous (: & I love how you do your makeup I was gonna ask you to do mine for homecoming this year
Thank you love! I will if you want (:
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I just wanted to say that your make ups fine and your eyelashes are like 527827373 feet long and that your extremely lucky because I wish I could say the same  Syd
Awe thank you so much babes, miss&love you
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Lilly Grasil or However you spell her last name:,D
Love her
Holy ass for a short girl
Yeah thank momma vicki for that one
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are you an undercover cannibal plotting to destroy the world..??
You an ugly lil gremlin
Love&miss him
Also, you look like a little kid with your stupid fucking haircut
You're a soph in high school and you STILLLL put your makeup on like a fucking clown everyday to the point where your face is shiny and weird and it's making your eyebrows look even bigger than they fuckin are (like damn, yeah, it is possible) You're revolting to look at, hideous to me and others
Then don't look at me
Y u got big eyebrows
Can't help it, I'm Italian
Ur Soo Purdy
Emma has a nice booty ;)
I find it funny how you say you don't like people in your grade who smoke or drink, welcome to high school honey, take it from me I've already been here for almost 2 years. You can't hide from the fact that people change and this is what happens. Stop trying to make yourself look like an angel. Jeez
I'm over it now. Where have you been? Cause obviously you don't know me
Adam Henschel?
Sweet kid
Are you doing cheer this year?
Yes I'm on varsity
What angers you the most?
People who think they know me, and what I want in my life
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What's your favorite slang word?
Uh..I don't know I probably say a lot..and just don't realize it.
Como estas?
Why are you so against everyone in your grade?
Because everyone is so judgmental. Everyone has so smoke or drink to be cool. And I don't think that's right. My decisions.
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Jessica d?
I love her. Such a sweetheart.
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How often do you use your brain?
Every day?