Emma DiLoreto @EmmaDiLoreto
Emma DiLoreto @EmmaDiLoreto
Chesterfield, Michigan
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What angers you the most?
People who think they know me, and what I want in my life
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What's your favorite slang word?
Uh..I don't know I probably say a lot..and just don't realize it.
Como estas?
Why are you so against everyone in your grade?
Because everyone is so judgmental. Everyone has so smoke or drink to be cool. And I don't think that's right. My decisions.
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Jessica d?
I love her. Such a sweetheart.
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How often do you use your brain?
Every day?
Why don't you answer
I'm in a movie
Does he still like jenna
Ask him
about what
Do you still like him
Idk. We didn't talk long enough for me to be attached. Especially to someone like that
What happened with you and troy?!
He lied to me
r u and troy and thing
Not anymore
What's wrong with your jaw?
Not aligned
Did it hurt when they put the screw in your mouth!!?
Kik me if you want me to explain it all
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Omg does that hurt!
The screw doesn't but the wires hooked onto it are rubbing against my gum and that hurts
Pap of your teeth?
Don't mind my crooked jaw that's being taken care of
Pap of your teeth?
everyone on your ask is so rude & mean.. people need to fuck off & just be nice gosh
Thank you
You should at school today
You're a pig
You can't twerk for shit lmfao
I care
Are you a traveler or a homebody?
LOLZ huh
Ask him.
Hows troy
Lol don't even want to talk about him
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I love the way you spread your legs sometimes
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Are you single?