Emma DiLoreto @EmmaDiLoreto
Emma DiLoreto @EmmaDiLoreto
Chesterfield, Michigan
Ask me anything, open to answer(:
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What are you most excited about right now?
Break from cheer
Post a picture of your shoes!
Wut r shoes
okay maybe it was
Awe you're cute
last one wasnt me
you bomb babe
James? Lol!
damnn  James damman
Love and miss you
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wow man oh man
Man oh man you fine as a dime
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oh hey didnt see u there but you finee
Thank ya
Favorite pic from homecoming
Favorite pic from homecoming
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You change your profile picture
Hi hi
Why'd u block me
Probs cause I don't like you
What's your snapchat
Austin Ludwig
Your ass
Oh I know
You're so sexy(;
Who do you like?
No one
So pretty❤️
Thank you
Jared seamans
Wish things worked out
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Full body pic
Maybe you should grow some balls and snapchat me and maybe we will talk
lol whats the Chatous app everyone is talking about?
You think I know?
what mascara do you use?
Yellow cover girl, the rocket, and carbon black
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Adam Merritt
Love that kid
Who sent the last text message you received?
that was from me (;  Abby Kropa
You're a doll
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