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If you're going to do your eyebrows, at least do them right. You look like a damn clown everyday.. Go easy on the makeup, a little goes a long way.
I don't do my eyebrows? That's how they are. And I'll do my makeup how I want.
So pap of all your makeup
I'm not upstairs
I'm just wondering because your make up looks beautiful❤️❤️
Thank you
Pap of all your makeup
Pap of you right now
Pap of you right now
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When's the next time your hanging out with Troy bondar
Idk and why do you care?
What's dt
Drivers training
There is a track meet tomorrow at south
No I have dt
Are you coming to the track meet tomorrow to hang out with troy
Well you must be stalking me. And no. Cause there isn't a track meet tomorrow?
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
Depends on what kinda of dog
like a size? and it doesn't matter how big they are your still beautiful
Thanks but not your business
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how big are your boobs?
Not very big #ittybittytittycommitee
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What do you think about more than anything else?
What will happen next
Post a selfie
Post a selfie
lol he looks like an ugly asian faqqot..oh wait he is
I think he's cute, stop. I'm sure you aren't any better.
whos troy
This kid
whos troy
For the person who keeps fucking with Emma... They would at least be mature enough to take it off anon .(:  Samantha Bishop
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no guys in the 8th grade a mature LMFAO
Troy is.
Love you too ❤️  Samantha Bishop
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I love how people hate on you for dating kids In my grade when they are probably more mature and a lot nicer and less judge mental then highschoolers . I love you babe you deserve the best and you and Troy are adorable !  Samantha Bishop
Love you baby<3 You're the best!
When was the last time you screamed?
Yesterday at Troy and Cip and his cousins;p
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funny your going for middle school boys. can anyone at your school and your age not tolerate you? so you go for the younger guys. Lmfaoooo
That's not why. I hate everyone in my grade. I don't talk to anyone, my choice. I have a few close friends. In high school people change and it's horrible. I don't like any of the guys cause all they do is drink and do drugs. So therefore the kids in 8th grade are a lot nicer. And you don't think about that stuff when you're older so whats the point? My grandpa and his wife are 20 years apart. A lot of people are different in age. Therefore...ef off and mind you're business
Fuck off bitchhhh
What about them?