Eridona Sinani @EridonaSinani
I tell the truth.
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What good idea you have had lately?
Auto-tune microphone but that exists apparently
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Are you a city or a nature person?
1 person likes this Can you watch this please? It's a video of 150+ Subscriber Video Containing Ne Yo Trio!  ScootWyDawg
What makes you really sleepy?
Which song best represents your life so far?
Let it go - for real, i actually have
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What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
full English breakfast
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or alive, who would you pick?
J.F Kennedy because I want to ask him why he was a jackass
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yooo who's this?x
What's the most overrated tourist attraction?
Big Ben
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How would you change the world if you could?
make an island and put all the bitches there
Do you have a crush on someone?
yes x
What's the worst thing you have ever done?
Too hard to pick
What are your plans for the summer?
Who is the boss in your house?
My dad, no one else.
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Do you keep your room clean or messy?
Is it ethical to eat meat?
no..i love meat.
hello gorgeous
Heyy whos this?
Do you always smile for pictures?
What is your all time favorite comedy movie?
Cant think
What motivates you?
Gassed over Lorenzo init
Do you worry about your future?
i'll worry about it then.
Where are you at the moment? Record video.
Rock climbing or windsurfing?
What is your favorite type of pie?
....I don't really like pies...