b3ml lk follow bs t3mly follow back oki ;P ?

Ok bs who are you ?

3ndk twitter


3ndk cam

Ewa 3ndi :d

If you could perfectly speak any 3 languages what would it be?


Do you play any online games?

Noo :s

اها والله كنت احسب تستهبلي اوك سوري علي التفكير الغلط (*)

Loool it's ok

طيب وليش لاستحقار اسلوبك ياباشه(*)

Ay est78aar Allah ysam7k :( ga3da aklmk 3adi

والله الانشوده عجججججبتني (*)

Ahm shy 3jbtk :)

Do you think your life is perfect ?

Al 7mdullah yesss <333

اكثر صفة قالوها الناس عنك ؟! وهل هي موجودة حقا بك؟!

Mdl3a ,, yup

Hey ! :D something you enjoy doing on ur free time ? ;p Aziz

Umm many things wallah ;p

شيء يبعث لِ قلبك شعور السعاده ؟ Abdullah

Mommy w daddy

Look in the mirror. What do you see?

I see the most luckiest girl in the world ;p

Hey !:)) I liked ur vid ;p ! Walla mo2athr :( Aziz

Thank you :)
Ewa mrrraa Allah yhdena :(

3rfte meen ana ? :p

Nop <<<<<lier, :P ,u'll only scream with full fear :P Raana Nabeel Bin Iqbal

Loooool akeeeedddd i'll scream ;p

Do you remember your dreams?

Sometimes ;p

when u go out do u usually put makeup on or do u go out all natural ?

I put makeup :))

do u prefer english songs or arabic

Both of them

Ay school?

at7daak aw at7daki t3rfeha ;p

Okey , As u like ;$

Ok :)

Hahah Iknw how' bs :$

Looool ok


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If you happy and you know clap your hands :D
Etha ma jawbt 3la al Q y3ni ma 3jbni :)