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Ethan Palamarek @EthanPala39
Ask me anything!
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Tbh I love our friendship so much. You're honestly the meanest person ever to me, but I still adore you. You can always make my day so much better(: I would say that you're one of the few people I'm actually really close to, and you know more about me than most people❤️ Jk I hate you. Bitch.  Emily Vaillant
Awww, I hate you too!
Tbh: your like my best guy friend, I can literally talk to you about anything and rant to you about anything. Your super funny and a blast to be around! We have to hangout soon!!:) Date or pass: pass Rate: 10/10  ANNAconda
Thanks! and we do!!
Too bad I was lying  Emily Vaillant
Too bad I was lying
Rate: -10/10  Emily Vaillant
I really am your fav
Rate: -10/10
I would say Patrick but that's gay so Sandy  Janson Pratt
a++  Natalie Verheire
Thank yoouu!
9/10  Michaela Alm
iPhone 5!  Haylee McQuaig
8.5/10  brooke
Thanks bruh
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Eyes!  Katelynn Korchinski
Thannkks haha
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Lets go trick or treating
Little late for that don't you think?
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Chevy you slut✌️❤️  brooke
Thaankks haha
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Is he a good friend?
Uh yeah
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No you
No you
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No you tell him
No you
Tbh ethie you're the best. You are pre cool. You put up with a lot of my shit ahh like beatin you up and ranting to you but you're a great friend. I'm Glad we got close (: text me dummy !  Melissa Etson
Thanks melissseeee :)
I'm crushing on him lol.
Then tell him
Lol he's like a different person drunk
You say zacks a biker. He funny? I've heard he's awesome drunk
Sure he's funny? I've never seen him drunk..
Best friend? Atm
Chris and Travis
Hello mate  Phillip smith
Hey dude
Got any annoying friends? Who
Not really haha
Know any body who is a downhill biker in our school? And who?
Zack and Emily?
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What are you most excited about right now?
Riding mount lemmon on Easter!
What are you most excited about right now?
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7/10:)  emma arifin