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Chevy you slut✌️❤️  brookelyn
Thaankks haha
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Is he a good friend?
Uh yeah
No you
No you
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No you tell him
No you
Tbh ethie you're the best. You are pre cool. You put up with a lot of my shit ahh like beatin you up and ranting to you but you're a great friend. I'm Glad we got close (: text me dummy !  Melissa Etson
Thanks melissseeee :)
I'm crushing on him lol.
Then tell him
Lol he's like a different person drunk
You say zacks a biker. He funny? I've heard he's awesome drunk
Sure he's funny? I've never seen him drunk..
Best friend? Atm
Chris and Travis
Hello mate  Phillip smith
Hey dude
Got any annoying friends? Who
Not really haha
Know any body who is a downhill biker in our school? And who?
Zack and Emily?
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What are you most excited about right now?
Riding mount lemmon on Easter!
What are you most excited about right now?
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7/10:)  emma arifin
Tbh: efan, your like my bestfriend. Let's hangout sooooooon  Anna☀
Thannkss hahaha, and yea! Text meee
Tbh- Ethan I have never talked to you but you seem pretty cool and fun to talk to ! Text me sometime.  Shelby Sinclair
We've talked before... :') thanks hahahaha
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Tbh Ethan~ I don't really know you but your seem nice!  Payton Biberdorf
Thanks haha
Post a picture of your shoes!
Soon to be mine?
Post a picture of your shoes!
First impression- Thought you seemed like a really sweet cute and had a killer smile :) but now I realize you're just annoying ;) 9  Emily Vaillant
Hahahaha thank yoouu :')
Angel  aadyn(:
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9/10 :)  ∞ maddiedawson
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Do I trust u yeah do I love u yeah ;)  andrewtilbury
Oh Tilly <3
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Smash fgt  brookelyn
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Fagget bitch
Thanks anon <3
do I trust you : yes do I love you : yes❤️
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