Ethan Palamarek @EthanPala39
Ethan Palamarek @EthanPala39
Not where I want to be
I ride them dirt scooters. Snapchat: ethanpala39
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What time did you wake up this morning?
B+  Kyla Harrison
Thanks haha
Tbh we've known each other since I we were like 6 so that's cool(: you're a great racer and we used to have the best times at my dads! Text me sometime(:  Michaela Alm
Thanks haha :) you text me I don't have your number anymore ahahaha
Hot  Morgan Raknerud
Thanks :)
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A-  Madi
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Hot  ѕнαяσи♡
Thanks haha
First thoughts on you - insanely fast, super athletic, really attractive and nice!  Ellisha Bourne
Thanks! :)
Whats your favorite sportswear brand?
Assos and castelli.
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pink & green!:)  emma.
Thankkss haha :)
How do you spend the majority of your free time?
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Who's your best friend that's a girl
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Beauty  Blade Bateman
70% (:  Cat(:
Thanks haha :)
If not now, then when?
I'll do it later god.
Thanks haha
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what you doing today?
Was in Edmonton all day.
Kristin- hot & probably pass Karly - hot & pass  Kristin Will
bar down :)  aadyn(:
Thanks haha
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remember when i needed to keep my shoes dry for dance and you gave me a piggy back through all the puddles by the buses (:  Hunter Sturgeon
Hahaha :)
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-  Skylar Rechner
I didn't really get to know you until this last year, but I'm definitely glad we did get to know each other! I love how we can make fun of each other constantly and neither of us take it seriously haha, we have a lot of classes together next year so that should be fun.. I think haha snapchat me or something :)
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youre a pretty cool guy haha youre really nice and super good at moto. we had alot of inside jokes and laughed alot (im a pumpkin hehe) despite our past I really do miss you buddy. youre a really big sweetheart too. hope all is well and hope gay bff is doing okay;) rate 9  Natalie Verheire
Haha aww thanks :)
mee  Alex Bouliér
We only met this year, but we've grown pretty close, and you definitely made class a lot less boring haha, you're a lot of fun to hang out with and pretty funny too!
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Tbh- Ethan, I have never talked to you before but you seem like a cool guy. Uh kik me sometime ? shelbys14  Shelby Sinclair
Thanks haha and will do.
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-  Mary
We haven't talked a whole lot lately even though we used to, but you're really nice, really pretty, and a lot of fun to be around :) you're also really funny and definitely a lot of fun to talk to :) Kik or text me some time :)
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8/10!  BrookeBlaine ❥