Ethan Palamarek @EthanPala39
Ethan Palamarek @EthanPala39
Not where I want to be
I ride them dirt scooters. Snapchat: ethanpala39
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what you doing today?
Was in Edmonton all day.
Kristin- hot & probably pass Karly - hot & pass  Kristin♡
bar down :)  Aadyn scrupps
Thanks haha
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remember when i needed to keep my shoes dry for dance and you gave me a piggy back through all the puddles by the buses (:  Hunter Sturgeon
Hahaha :)
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-  Skylar Rechner
I didn't really get to know you until this last year, but I'm definitely glad we did get to know each other! I love how we can make fun of each other constantly and neither of us take it seriously haha, we have a lot of classes together next year so that should be fun.. I think haha snapchat me or something :)
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youre a pretty cool guy haha youre really nice and super good at moto. we had alot of inside jokes and laughed alot (im a pumpkin hehe) despite our past I really do miss you buddy. youre a really big sweetheart too. hope all is well and hope gay bff is doing okay;) rate 9  Natalie Verheire
Haha aww thanks :)
mee  Alex Boulier
We only met this year, but we've grown pretty close, and you definitely made class a lot less boring haha, you're a lot of fun to hang out with and pretty funny too!
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Tbh- Ethan, I have never talked to you before but you seem like a cool guy. Uh kik me sometime ? shelbys14  Shelby Sinclair
Thanks haha and will do.
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-  Mary
We haven't talked a whole lot lately even though we used to, but you're really nice, really pretty, and a lot of fun to be around :) you're also really funny and definitely a lot of fun to talk to :) Kik or text me some time :)
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8/10!  BrookeBlaine ❥
We used to talk a bit, being in triathlon with you was pretty fun, although it was odd that you took notice of what boxers I wore on what days hahaha, you're a lot of fun to talk to and fun to be around, and there's never really a dull moment with you around either haha, you're also very pretty :) we should talk more :)
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Yo  Matthew Miller
We don't talk a whole lot anymore but we hung out a bit earlier this year, you're really chill and pretty funny, snapchat me or something we should hang out more next year haha
:p  Brookelyn
We've known each other quite a long time, you're really fun to talk to, and we have no problem talking to each other about anything, you're really helpful when it comes to anything and you're an overall great person and quite pretty as well :)
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:)  emma.
You're really fun to talk to, even if we don't all that often, you're really nice and easy to talk to, and you're pretty much the only person going into grade 8 who I can stand and who I actually talk to a bit :')
DONT MAKE ME CRY AW AW AWWW EFAN:')♡♡  Natalie Verheire
Hahahaha :)
A lot of things have happened between us in the past year. And I still firmly believe that my life would not be quite the same if any of those things did not happen. You are an absolutely amazing person, you gave me tons of memories, and I'm glad it all happened. You are very supportive, I've always felt comfortable talking to you about really anything at all, even if we don't talk a whole lot anymore. You're a great person and I'm very grateful for you coming into my life. :)
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<3  Lexiツ
We have been friends for almost a year now, I wish we saw each other more often but we will in high school at least :) its always great whenever we do get a chance to see each other, even when the first few times we hung out I was drugged up and a complete mess and had just came out of surgery hahaha, by the way I can never thank you enough for visiting me so much during that time :) our friendship has been kind of rocky in the past but that's past us. :) I can't wait to see you again! And I hope we have classes together too :) miss you!! <3
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-  Lydia✌️
Umm you're really nice, really easy and fun to talk to, triathlon with you was a lot of fun, you're a great person and you're also really pretty :)
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What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
Reddit, qksms, Kik, Instagram, Poweramp, snapchat.
Sure, send in names
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hot & maybe date!  emma.
Thanks! Haha
I miss us texting all the time aha :)  Brookelyn
Aww haha I do too
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At what age you kissed for the first time?
Whats up with you and sydney?
Nothing anymore
Hayy  Brookelyn
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