Ethan Palamarek @EthanPala39
Ethan Palamarek @EthanPala39
Not where I want to be
I ride them dirt scooters. Snapchat: ethanpala39
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Cute with- Sydney !  Rebeka(:
That's not happening again haha.
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That's no fun.
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Are you gay?
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I raced for a year and then I stopped but I still sometimes jut ride
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Tbh: I also don't know who you are but you seem like a cool guy! You ride dirtbikes? Me too so that's kinda cool  Katelynn Korchinski
Thanks haha, and race** ;) haha
look who takes selfies now (; hmmmm hahaha  Natalie Verheire
One every like two years is alright ;)
Oh it's just in your do it looks like one of your eyes are green and the other one is blue:) but anyways you're attractive:)
So I have been told hahaha :) and thanks! Who's this? :)
Omg are your eyes two different colours!!?❤️❤️
They both are green more towards the centre and blue on the outside but sometimes theres more green than blue or vice versa in one eye haha
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Tbh~ I don't know you! You look kinda good looking? rate~7 or 9 Kiss or diss~ sorry I'd probably have to talk to you and see your face first  shae workman
Thanks haha
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
Probably couldn't draw it.. But there's this..
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
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Name 3 girls who have it all going on, looks, personality, ambition.
Umm Megan Jacobi, Morgan, Lydia haha
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
12. And early stages of 13. Haha
Tbh: Your pretty shitty at everything ;)  Barnsy
Tbh: Your pretty shitty at everything ;)
tbh youre a goof haha but youre really nice and super funny (: we had a fun time last summer and text me sometime! I miss ya chicken legs;) rate 8  Natalie Verheire
Thanks! :) and I will! :)
are u gonna download the chatous app? i keep hearing about it lol
I don't even know what that is..
What time did you wake up this morning?
B+  Kyla Harrison
Thanks haha
Tbh we've known each other since I we were like 6 so that's cool(: you're a great racer and we used to have the best times at my dads! Text me sometime(:  Michaela Alm
Thanks haha :) you text me I don't have your number anymore ahahaha
Hot  Morgan Raknerud
Thanks :)
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A-  Madi
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Hot  ѕнαяσи♡
Thanks haha
First thoughts on you - insanely fast, super athletic, really attractive and nice!  Ellisha Bourne
Thanks! :)
Whats your favorite sportswear brand?
Assos and castelli.
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pink & green!:)  emma.
Thankkss haha :)