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I am going to try, do you think i'll get it?
I don't know.. I don't even know who you are..
Good Luck meaning?
Meaning I have no control over whether or not you try, but I cannot say how far you'll get with that. So good luck.
So You would be okay if i tapper Her?
Good luck.
Whatever happened between You and Sharon
Near the end, I didn't have as strong of feelings for her as she did for me so I decided it was best to end it. It simply was not working. I believe it was for the best.
Funniest moment last year?
Probably when Bradley and I got Levi to take a tractor tire out of cranna lake and spent the rest of the day pushing it around to various places and fishing it out of the lake twice more, until we finally left it at the highschool. And then spent what was left of that day getting yelled at in the office.
Funniest moment last year?
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Tbh you're a pretty great racer! I miss talking to you bb, you're pretty attractive as well and you have nice hair! Also always super nice to me(:  Michaela Alm
Thank yoouuu! :)
Bf-smile(:  B.Schof
I'm already following you. you sexy fuck  Austin.
Knew it <3
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Tumblr :)  Meg
Thanks :)
virgin: maybe. player: no. flirt: eh maybe a lil. age: 15/16 ! drinker: occasionally. smoker: nope! single/taken: single? best feature: smile  ✘ shayla ✘
Pretty much dead on, thanks! Haha
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ur hot af u single and straight or bi
Um thanks..? Single and straight...
6 (: ✌️  brooke k
Thanks! :)
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Tbh: You love cares therefore I love you. Also your hair is cute let's have sex  Austin.
I'm ready.
Ethan ❤️ We used to be so close and I could tell you everything but somehow we stopped talking your so nice and such a great guy and hilarious, attractive too we have some really good memories together and hanging out with you is always a blast text me sometime and we can catch up (:  Maddy Foreman
Thank you! Text me sometime!
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Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?
Germany. I wouldn't even really put Canada on the list of best countries in the world..
Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?
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Adora ball
Doesn't ring a bell..
you should tickle Adora lol she's really ticklish
Who is that..?
8/10 :)  natasha
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Sure. Out of 10.
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tbh ; i see you around like alot haha , and you are friends with austin so thats cool (: you seem pretty chill .  ✘ shayla ✘
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Post a picture of your dream car!
This RWB built Porsche 964.
Post a picture of your dream car!
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Home run :')  brooke k
Thankkks :') hahaha
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It's gonna be a you problem when I throw you onto your head from the extension in the bowl
I can hear your knuckles dragging on the floor.
You shouldn't come to the skatepark anymore, every time I see you I want to kick your face in
That sounds like a you problem
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Team OG: You are ordered to perform initiation right now.
I already did initiation.