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Team OG: You are ordered to perform initiation right now.
I already did initiation.
Tbh; your possibly one of my best friends, I trust you with everything. We used to be so close but we stopped hanging out so we got to soon again I miss ya. Your such a sweet genuine guy and a blast to be around. Text me !  ANNAconda
Thanks! I will!
Tree ya sloot❤️✌️ ahahahhaha  brooke
Thank yoouu
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Who's your girlfriend?
Sharon Snyder.
Who's your girlfriend?
Your girlfriend is hot as fuck man. Finest ass ive seen around.
Alright :') hahaha
Just because he talks to other girls doesn't mean he's hitting on them
Thank you
Maybe you should hit on your girlfriend instead of other people HAHA .
I'm sorry I don't recall ever hitting on anyone else while dating her. Would you be so kind as to refresh my memory?
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It's because you're staring to get hotter hahahahahahha just fucking kidding  Emily Vaillant
Hahahaha :')
Rate- We both know you're a strong 3  Emily Vaillant
I think that's the best one you've ever given me :')
Mee  Danielle
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meee  Natalie Verheire
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-  Ryley Stein
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people send in names for starter packs
Little late to the party but alright haha
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How long have you lived in your current home?
11 years...
Tbh I love our friendship so much. You're honestly the meanest person ever to me, but I still adore you. You can always make my day so much better(: I would say that you're one of the few people I'm actually really close to, and you know more about me than most people❤️ Jk I hate you. Bitch.  Emily Vaillant
Awww, I hate you too!
Tbh: your like my best guy friend, I can literally talk to you about anything and rant to you about anything. Your super funny and a blast to be around! We have to hangout soon!!:) Date or pass: pass Rate: 10/10  ANNAconda
Thanks! and we do!!
Too bad I was lying  Emily Vaillant
Too bad I was lying
Rate: -10/10  Emily Vaillant
I really am your fav
Rate: -10/10
I would say Patrick but that's gay so Sandy  Janson Pratt
a++  Natalie Verheire
Thank yoouu!
9/10  Michaela Alm
iPhone 5!  Haylee McQuaig
8.5/10  brooke
Thanks bruh
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Eyes!  Katelynn Korchinski
Thannkks haha
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