Would you want to bike the Tour de France?

Oh yes

99999999999 degrees Seth Fulton


Describe your day in emojis!


Are you an Eco-friendly person?

I like to think so

PAP of your favorite bookshelf?

I love all my bookshelves the same

tbh I haven't seen you in a really long time! but from what I remember , you were so sweet and super chill! you're style is always bombin and you have a great smile! rate 9/10

Whoa that was more than I expected! Thank you!!😊😊

How much do you love Netflix and Poptarts?

Not about that life

So brown?


What color was your childhood home?


Insta ?


best feature: you can cook haha, but you have good style Shae

Thank ya! :)

we should; talk sometime😌 Shyana Lee

Snapchat me😊 ethanpala39

Who is someone at the comp you would not want to fight?

Pretty much anyone to be honest, especially Luke.

tbh I love how synchronized you are and your pretty chill and we have a good time in sports Darrigan™

Dude that tbh is so synchronized


Maybe baby
I'm sorry it took 11 months to answer

Tbh: we used to talk in like gr.8 idk but from what I remember you're a v nice person & good looking too 🙏 Madison Pratt

Hahaha way back when😂 thanks!

What's your favorite font?

Comic sans

If you were candy, what would you be?

If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?

I'm pretty happy with blue/green

I'm joking ❤️ Tilley✌

I'm not

Tbh - I hate you your a fgt Tilley✌

At least I don't look like a leprechaun. Now go back to guarding your pot of gold.


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