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Would u ever accept a gay teammate?

Yea, idc what he does off the court or his preferences

Thoughts on Gus Johnson?


Are you excited to play pre season in the UK?

Yep I'm most def am

The moment when Iggy hit those FT's vs Chi in playoffs and you ran up on the table with him. Explain that moment in one word?


Is it tougher making the adjustment from high school ball to college or from college to the NBA?


Is Malik Rose as awesome in person as he seems on TV?


Do you know who your gonna marry?


My parents are going through a divorce have you been through it with yours?

Nah. Sorry to hear that though

What's a good workout for high school athletes?

Running a mile

How old do you want to be when you have your first kid?


If you were asked to do a movie you knew was going to be terrible like Shaq in Kazaam would you do it?


5 seconds left in game 7 of the NBA finals, Sixers are down 2 and you got the ball just in front of the 3 point line, do you step back and take the 3, try to get free and shoot a mid range jumper or drive to the basket and go for the layup?


Before you retire, what will you do to make sure your remembered as more than "that guy the Sixers took over cousins and Monroe"?

Idk. Prob say blame management for picking me lol or say I went to the playoffs twice and help get the team to the 2nd round. Worrying about who was pick behind me is irrelevant. Cousins and Monroe are great players but its not hard to do numbers in those types of situations.

Favorite Philly radio station?

I don't listen to the radio

did you visit pearl harbor?????


Would you hav a better shot at winning the 3 point shoot out or the slam dunk contest?


Have you been to OSU lately?

I was there a few wks ago

What other sport are very good at?


shooting sleeve this year????

Lol naw

What's your favorite drink?

Orange soda

Dang bro I never knew u hated the badgers so bad

I was 2 mins away from committing to Wisconsin

What cars do you have?

Range rover and a maybach

do you listen to common or lupe fiasco?

Yea. "The cool" is one of my fav albums and "the light" is a top song of mine too

Which Thad has more swag? Matta or young?


If demetri works hard why is he so out if shape physically?

Have you seen him the past 2 years?


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