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your niggas?

Please tell me you are black otherwise I am reporting you for derogatory use of terms.

Do you like devante?

Just a teammate bruh

Top 5 grade 9 girls

Don't look at ambrozic girls.

Do u like anyone right now


Ik some one who likes you


you think walter is nice?

Hes aii

Chill if your handle get better your WAY betta than farid..


yolu think philly would start on dy sr's


philly being the best in ca is it debatable or undebatable?


you philly good enough to play D1? and walter d1 material also?

Ya if he gets his marks up and naw lool

Do you feel like you're the kind of player coachs warn their team about?

Ya. But i dont focus on that stuff anymore..

think ur better than farid?


who going the farthest for sr's at ca ?

They all good, so the one with tha best marks.

Is devante good ?

He aii but football is his sport.

R u better than farid

i dont think so.. im still working

who better you or farid?

Farid Id say..

who do you think is going the farthest at ca besides yourself

Farid if he grows lol & Salah

Top 5 people you like comepeting against in your pool for jr roppssa?

I like competing against the best. Which is Roch, Dy & Campion.

Your fucked Maria is pretty af


gareth bad farid and kajon better than him

Naw he underrated he can ball, and kajon really good he still developing though and farid is nice the height is what kills him..

R u nervous bout getting crunched


Ca in the playoffs for ropssaa or nah?

Hopefully bruh

how can be top 7 if kareem is better than u..

Lol thats your opinion

Ya'll in the cenntenial tourny?



Jordan Lyons , Rugzy, Keshaun, Me, Johnathon K from roch, Gareth & Jordan fullerton


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