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F0Foy @F0Foy
F0Foy @F0Foy
I'm just simpLe person who loves life , honest people and i adore K-drama # kOrea 3> << heechul's WIFE , i mean GORGEOUS lele :$̶
Ask mE aNytHing **
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كل شخصُ و لهُ عْآلمةةُ ؟ .. ف م هوُ عآلمك !
Umm ahly w 7baiby w 9di8aty huma 3almy ,
Korea w kl shi yt3l8 fiha 4a 3almy l a5r :Pp
Nwrty Ghadeer ♡'
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أصدقآئك غالباً يصفونگ بـ أنگك ( … ) ؟!  
6ioba , w 8lbi kbiiir ♡'
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boredom :)
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I am Find Too :)! Hope ur always Fine ^^ how is ur Summer ? Any NewS ?  Lamiss
Nice to hear that you are fine , HUN
My summer it's good but there are no new things
I'm just waiting RAMADAN , oh i love it <3
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What do teenagers think about?
Nice Qs ,
Ummm i don't really know how teenagers think this days
But when i'm teenager i was thinking about alot stuff like how i can having fun maybe :p
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-  F0Foy
Sleeping 
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Are you good at swimming?
No , i'm not :(
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Welcome to the group of Omar and Khaled and ibrahem
^ i'll see it later
Welcome ..
9 people like this ^^ lee min ho chowahea <3
OMO :''(
My best actor lee min ho saranghae ^^
Really Thnx 4 this plz include !!!
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منو الانسان اللي يستاهل فرصة ثانية و منو اللي ما يستاهلها ؟   Manool
Hlaa mnool ,
Ummm ma adry 9ra7a 
Bs lw 7d 3ziz 3lik e3t4r w ndm 
momkn ystahl second chance , w elly ma ystahlha 
Ensan y3'l6 b 78k w ma y8adrk wla y8adr l for9 elly en36t lh !!
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- أعترفي (5) أعَترآفآت عن نفسسچ . . !!  
1- a3trf eno ly 8lb 93'ir la y3rf l korh abdn $'
2- a3trf eno baly 6wiiil gdn bs e4a 39bt at7wal ensana thania ><'
3- a3trf eny ensana ma a3rf at9rf a7iann :|
4- a3trf eny mzagia w mlola
5- a3trf eny a7b kl shi yt3l8 b " korea " <3
AND welcome ya a7la reem :**
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مآهو آخخر عمل "نذل" قمَت به / ومآ هو ؟! :p  
LoL , hlaa ryom bnt l 5al
Umm sawit 7rkt n4alah ly a5oy 5alid XD
Ma hya : la shftch b8olch ;))
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ولكم باك
Thx ,
Include ;)
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إنتـ/ي وآقف/ـه وجـآء شخصَ من ورآگك وغمض عيونگك - مينَ ودِگك يگون هذـإ إلشخصَ ؟!  Nujod.
Ummm , ay ensan ykoon 3'aly
3la 8lby ma wdy asmy a7d mo3ayn $'
Umm aw momkn momthl kory like lee min ho mthln < m7d sh67 :pP
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Hello My fofo ! really Miss You sweetie ! how r u ?  Lamiss
Hiii , LeLe
Miss u too :'''(
I'm FINE hun what about you ?!
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#  F0Foy
Bye ...
Sleeping , zZz
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فوفتي حيااتي اشتقتلح وربي ، ادري اني ما ادش الاسك كثير و ادري انج معصبه علي هههههه بس تعرفيني بسرعة امل من الشغلات هاذي اشوفج على الفايبر او السكايب اوكي   Basmah
Hlaaaa bsomty <3
w ana b3d mshta8a lk kthiir '(
La mo m39ba 3lik coz i know you , however
Ok bklmk 3la l skype ;))
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what things do you use every day ?
BB , laptop and ipad
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ممكن لآآيكآآت و آآسئلهه لآآهنت/ي
6yb ,
Include =D
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ما هي اللحظة التي إفتخرت فيها بنفسك حقا؟
Lama t5rgt mn l jam3ah n.n
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برٍأيًڪْ آلٌفضفضهہ , " تقلل من هيبه الشخص " ؟!
Ummmm la ,
Bs br9'o lazm l sh59 elly btf9'f9'in lh ykoon 8d l the8ah ,
Nwrty ghadeer ^^
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^ wsh t7soon fih mn jd .. =))
I don't like weapons at all ,
Incluuuude :)
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!ُهنـَاگْـ أشـخَآص ….علـىٰ گثـرْ مـآ نتهـَاوشش [وْ [ نٍتْفْــآهَـمْ و لـٍآـ ـآستَـطِـيعْ الــآسستغنَـآء عَنْـهم فهـُـم معنَـى هذِه الْــ ح يــاه  __
^ it's true
Welcome fofo ^^
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ما بين اصدقائك و اهلك دائماً انت الشخصية (....)؟
L 7nona i think $'
<< m7d ymd7 :p
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منو اغلى صديقاتج و ليش ؟
Kl 9di8aty 3'alin 3ndy w kl w7da
lha m3za 5a9a b 8lby 3>
Welcome , and include ...!
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