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An advise on your worst experience?
Don't smile to dogs from the street.
They will hunt you down
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If you can go anywhere now, where do you go and with whom?
with bae, somewhere cold
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What major are you planning to take ?
God knows too
Where are you planning to study for your undergraduate studies?
God knows
Your top three restaurants?
the shawerma shops around my house
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Favorite disney character?
I like Nemo idk if thats Disney
To walk on spikes or coal?
depends on how long the spikes are I guess
How many languages do you speak?
I can count 1-10 in 5
but speak only 2
If you could learn any language, what would it be?
I'm doing a week on Spanish on June and then I'll actually start German courses
What is the one thing people love about your personality?
idk ask them
How many kids you want to have in the future?
I think 3 is a nice number 2 boys and a girl
What is a good age to get married?
right after college, get your job and a small little apartment
If you had a daughter what would you call her and son what would you call him?
idk about a daughter never thought
but a son I always wanted to name my first son after my deceased uncle, Laith
لازم تذاكر بس مافيش مود ايش تسون؟؟؟  NADA
how would u feel if u & sara broke up
We won't.
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what was the best thing that happened to you today ?
Nothing did
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Who did you inspire?
Will Smith.
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when was the last time you went to Iraq ?
I was there in January
And I came back on the 23rd on January
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لو خيروك ترجع للعراق لو تبقئ بعمان شتختار ؟
الوطن وطن و البيت بيت
العراق الدار و الدور
What's your favorite pickup line?
Is mommy a bee to give us all this honey
wat u gonna do on valentine ?
Well firstly I'll wish Ibrahim a happy birthday and since that he's not in Oman I'll have to ask Sara she makes the plans
Post a picture of the best cartoon character ever!
Who else would it be?
Post a picture of the best cartoon character ever!
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Name four fav colours
I like grey or is it gray?
And light blue is cool
describe ur life in a sentence
حياه عص بس حلو
How many messages do you send per day?
not much