guess that's just it then :)

you should sleep then

I already did Alhamdililah. if you want to talk you can text me!

I can't

Don't forget to pray fajr an Surat akahf :)

I'll, will you?
text me bro

What is it that u miss

what else could it be :)
how are you bro

How are u how is life

I miss it little bit I'm good during the day you can say

How do u know when its time to move on from ur past?

the past will always be a part of someone I don't think you can just move past it

Choose any company in the world you would like to run - what is the first thing you would do?

Microsoft, build telekinetic computers and collect profit.

Are you friends with alikhuzaie?

Yep, want me to say hi to him?

#let loose..🌌

Okay bro

Whats your most annoying habit?

When I get a cut in my skin and it dries up I keep playing with it and it starts bleeding

تعتبر روحك مدمن شنو ؟🍃

League of Legends

+|| شيء مآ تزعل إذا ضيعت فلوسك عليه 💭💸؟


Food what else

اخر فلم شفته !👽💅🏻





صباح الخير !! جمعة مباركة ❤️


صباح النور
علينا و عليكم

@GingerWesson asks, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

dog dog woof woof

Thing u like?

this is so general it's hard to answer
I like mutual respect

Best day of ur life?

still yet to come

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

i don't think I'll do anything differently

PAP of your favorite person?

She's only mine to look at.

How long can you run ?

last marathon I ran was 10.3 km sooooo 😇

when was the last time you farted ?

I fart so much its countless I swear

What would you do if an elephant were charging at you?

Bro I would turn around and fart
The elephant will then runaway from me

تقبل تتزوج بنت اكبر منك او لا و ليش!☺️

5ala9 I found her

Do you think that people can change? xx

Yes of course
But to a certain limit only same things can never be changed
ذيل الجلب (الكلب) ما ينعدل


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