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Faisal Al-Momar @FaisalAlMomar
You're asking, you have the power
RSS answers
What is the most controversial topic that you feel like talking about?  Suly
banning afk players from gaming...
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Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
werewolf no doubt
What would you name your first child?
If its a boy then Laith I never thought what I'd name a daughter though
state your emotional life in a "sentence" ,i know it's hard :P  super nigga
emotionalfull sensational promotional longwordation is the new motivation for eternal lifeation cuz its too swagfulnation is above expectation
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Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
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Who is your best friend
Ibrahim is my all timer :)
toot toot.. <3
I'm waiting for today's :)
What is your favorite season?
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Ew what mohawk on girls
That Was Sarcasm.
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i dont even know how to respond to that  Hanaf Khan
cuz i am kol u r not
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What hairstyle looks best on girls?
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goku*  Hanaf Khan
u had to do des?
u tink its kewl?
strng boi?
foneh jok?
u tink I no no hw 2 spel?
gay mma fighter
riwet ef u cri eferitim
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Which country do you want to visit?
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Who is your style role model?
whats your greatest fear?
not ending where I wanna end :)
Which town did you grow up in?
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Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
I very prefer spicy food but I don't prefer very spicy food. Got it?
Which three words describe what living in your city is like?
boring boring boring
Your bubu really loves you.
I love her too :)
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What is your most treasured possession?
Do you like sparkling or still water?
I Sparkle enough....
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when someone you don't like or know calls you with names watchu gon do?
call his mama with names
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
This is really hard,
but can I say cubs?
I like your white camera it looks cool like a big cup
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
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for how long have you guys been friends?
Ibra and I have been best friends for 12 years now :)
since Grade 1 and we've been rolling high
started from the bottom now we're here