صباح الخير !! جمعة مباركة ❤️ Nasra_alamri

صباح النور
علينا و عليكم

@GingerWesson asks, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

dog dog woof woof

Thing u like?

this is so general it's hard to answer
I like mutual respect

Best day of ur life?

still yet to come

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

i don't think I'll do anything differently

PAP of your favorite person?

She's only mine to look at.

How long can you run ?

last marathon I ran was 10.3 km sooooo 😇

when was the last time you farted ?

I fart so much its countless I swear

What would you do if an elephant were charging at you?

Bro I would turn around and fart
The elephant will then runaway from me

تقبل تتزوج بنت اكبر منك او لا و ليش!☺️

5ala9 I found her

Do you think that people can change? xx

Yes of course
But to a certain limit only same things can never be changed
ذيل الجلب (الكلب) ما ينعدل

i did stalk your friends waaaaay back and you used to have a very hot friend but i just went back on your instagram now and i couldnt find him :(

Oh yeah that guys
He asked me to delete all his videos
That one is more than a friend 😇

don't forget to ask ur bros before making the prom and deciding the date .. so.we can join :) Abdullah Hossen

Don't worry about that

Omg then tell me who is the hottest *.*

Go open my instagram stalk them and pick one I'll do the rest for you

What do you think about the free the nipple campaign ? ( I got asked a lot now I want to ask you )

Doesn't concern me :)

What is the most precious thing you have ?


What's the weirdest thing you end up doing in the middle of the night ?

working out counts?

كيفك يا حلو،اشتقت ليك💘

Hi bubu

Can you please tell me about the prom that people from qps go to every year :c❤️ like place and if it's diff schools and stuff pwease

Last year they didn't do it
I'll probably do it for them this year
The graduation is in Al Bustan every year but prom hasnt been decided yet

Who do you hang out with the most?


Heeeey u got any hot guy friends u can hook me up with ?

hahaha all my friends are hot, single and ready to mingle

Are you a hot weather or cold weather type of person?

أنا سكسي و أعرف نفسي

In your opinion, is having friends in school and people to hand out with one of the most important things about going to school?

You need to enjoy where you're going to everyday man so yeah
but like even if its a new school and all thats okay you'll end up hanging around with people you wont just sit in the corner alone people are nice they'll talk to you you be nice too :)

omg cute



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