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What do you think about more than anything else?
My future.
When was the last time you screamed?
I scream all the time
How much of a shopper are you?
What sound drives you crazy?
2 Metals rubbing on each other
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
Friends chilling around water laughing out loud af
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What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
Night is probably when I do some push ups on the bed
and morning is normal :)
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When was the last time you got pissed off at someone and what was it for?
Hahahahahahahaha like pissed pissed and man and went crazy? if that then I really dont remember
if its just got pissed then thats fine I lost my temper pretty fast so I can chill later
same therees nothing to do and I cant study
I get chocolates just clean the corner in your room I'm coming we'll cry there
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whats up?
nothing really just chiilin
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
the past.
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صور/ي اي شي قدامك
لا أستطيع لاني استخدم الحاسوم المحمول حالياً
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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
try to sleep again
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
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What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
What shelf?
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Okaaaay 36ny 3 ask.fm users u 3awzny as2lhom
Shlon "3a6ny" ao ba3deen "3awzny" ya3ny ya ma9ri ya 5aliji
and I really dont follow anyone
but you can try Faisal he's a good guy
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How many followers u have?
On ask? 158
What you'll do if a girl you don't know slapped you in public?
Hahahaha do not worry that wont happen
but if she did it with no reason after all shes a girl so I cant do anything
I can just find out where she lives and freak her out every night with a knife stock on the door of her bedroom,
What do you think of girls on ask.fm?
There are the good ones and there are the bad ones
I cant just generalize them all
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Whats your purpose in life?
Get 1 A and an Average B in my A levels this year
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Do you think making friends with the police is a good idea ?
Hahahahahahahaha fuck the police yo
the persons occupation doesnt make them any better or worse really
Have you ever thought of calling your parents on your birthday to thank them for giving you the gift of life?
If it was my birthday I wouldnt call them I'd be with them
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تغش فالامتحانات؟
hahahahahaha no
Actually once I got in the room with a paper and it was stuck on the bottom of my shoe and i could of got like 15+ marks but I just didnt do it
and my marks arent that great anyways
اذا تزوجت بتترك تويتر؟
هههههه اذا المدام تريد اتركه بتركه