Liam @FakeLiams
Liam @FakeLiams
More than likely on the couch
Lol effort
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When going trick-or-treating, what did/do you hate getting the most?
Carmel apples, fucking disgusting
but I'll tell u what I LOVED a, when people would leave a bowl out that said "take one"
just pour the entire bowl into ur bag and run like the bloody wind
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Heey, just to let you know I'm following you :)  Amber
just to let you know
I'm not :)
who/what was your first favorite band or music artist/group?  jackswoon
Uhh like Eminem/Linkin Park/ Rise Against
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turn up  dos chinzzz
turn up
how was school today?
I have midterm holidays
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Opinions on clit piercings?
it was really painful getting it done
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ayyyy yo  Ben.
ayyyyy lmao
current mood?
mentally insane
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Is there anyone here you dislike?
No but someone clearly already dislikes me
Is there anyone here you dislike?
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likers get?
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Ass or boobs?
generally when you have access to one you do to the other too
why must I choose anon
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lEeRn To UsE cApS lOcK fIrSt PaL
Thoughts on Will, Evan, Kingsley, Ellie, Sarah, Trent, Jennifer, Dhruv, January, Josh, Alan, Meg, Andrew, Shurdi, Tyler, Jared, Jackson, Becca, Roxy, Connor, James, Liam, Christo, 3hunna, Chris, Cat, Jack, Sarah, Matt, Pam, Emily, Jocelyn, Radeen, and Igor?
are we back to this anon
are we
brontes still alive?????  Olliebola
yessur on kik
I ate a worm once
we found it in the sandpit and I was dared
it was horrible
what girls from here do you want to talk to more?
there's girls here?
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Who do you kik on a regular basis?
Ehhh not many people really
I talk to Jake a little bit everyday
and Bronte but she's not on ask so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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what's something you're confident in? it could be a quality you have or something you're good at
tbh there's nothing I'm indefinitely confident in
it comes and goes depending on the situation, sometimes I'm like 101% ready to do something and sometimes I'll be hiding in the background
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What's something you get embarrassed about easily?
I really REALLY do not like my voice
it's so monotone and just ugh
also sometimes I feel my laugh is annoying
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What's stopping you from asking the person you like out?
well for one I donut even want to ask them out
boring answer indeed
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what's your favourite outfit/type of clothing? why? u don't have to pap
Ngl jeans, t-shirt and a body warmer is like the most comfortable thing I've worn in ages other than shorts around the house
+ it actually looks okay Ufeelme
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who is your favorite telletubbie
The green one + LOL
who is your favorite telletubbie
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Are you okay?
I'm totes amazeballs
which user would you sister wives with
> sister
> wives
Sorry I'm not from The South or Roscommon
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u play rugby? but ur not even swole?  Miguel
u wanna die m8
I'm like the designated crash and thunder ball guy ok
I take beef ball 6/10 times
UR not swole
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