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All your game assets is drawn by pixel art?

Yes! All the game assets are drawn by pixel art! With some particles/effects in Unity 3D, do you like the graphical style?

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In what platforms will this be available? Will there be Linux support?

Gonzalo Guerrero

Hi Gonzalo! Yes, the game will have Linux/SteamOS support as well as MacOS and Windows! Stay tuned for the demo!

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I have been following you guys since the kickstarter and i loved the game concept. I would like to play soon, when will the demo be available?


Hi w_Showdown! We are very glad you liked the game! The demo is planned to be released on late February on Steam, stay tuned for the updates!

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We are video game studio based in Yucatán (México) with a strong focus on creating high quality games with very distinctive aesthetics. We can be very versatile, working on our own IPs, but also advergames, simulators and other interactive media. Twin Flames is our nowadays project.



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