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Faz @FatimaZayed
Faz @FatimaZayed
Being great is actually great
أستغفرالله واتوب إليه♥♥♥♥~
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انت/ي من الناس الي يقولون "صباحو-مساءو"؟
وعي! لا ماقول جذي
ur fav food?
Pasta-pizza- CHICKEN WINGS:"
السلام عليكم
وعليكم السلام ورحمه الله وبركاته:)
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if you can choose your husband name , what you will choose?
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
Too hot!
هلاا بزيين  113
Halla feech❤❤❤missing you lulu:"
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what do you want to do?
Travel to anywhere alone and do so many activities.
محظُوظ مَن يملِك .... ؟  ❤հმʂʂმղ ✔
راحه البال:)!
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أي نوع من العمل التطوعي ودكم تسوونه؟ #مبيوق  وصآل آلفاضل
الهلال الاحمر-اوزع اكل عالعمال والفقراء
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Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
Dirty and cheap words :(
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followed <3 yarit back b2a :'D ^^  ❤հმʂʂმղ ✔
Hello habibi✋
Sh5bar almt7anat wyach?
وينج مختفية ؟
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What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
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Thank you❤
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What is your biggest wish?  وصآل آلفاضل
Study the collage in uk
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Do you think that you are a lucky person?  وصآل آلفاضل
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Which country do you want to visit?
Many countries:(
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Good luck Fatima❤
Thank you:*
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شنو امتحانكم باجر؟
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hardest subject in school/university?
No one :/
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your biggest fear?
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favorite chanel on TV?
Mbc bollywood , Fox movies, mtv, dubai one:)
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ناديتج جدام البنات وسينتيلي:(
Hahaha walla madri masm3t, sorry❤
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