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What area in west you from b
now that information cant be shared on ASK.FM.
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your some dirty sket about your a virgin tryna lie its haram to lie you lier fukin hoe
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i find you so funny Babess.
who are some of the funniest, annoying girls you love to bits
All The Girls I Love are not annoying.
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gaassss about virgin you fucked rami probs and other boys not gonna say who.. be truthful to yourself you sucked dick before and fuucked
LOOOOOOOL Why You Madd? about i fucked rami, your on joke thing. Rami is my right Hand. i can just tell your one of them side girls who are jealous of me.
Babess come on now grow up, no need to come on my and act up. its funny how u dont come inbox me this shit.
were you from endz
west London.
are you bait
What do u think about people that cut them selves??
i just think they need help.
Oii oii let me take you out we can share a £1 pizza ;)
Opinion On Rami?
What I think of rami shouldn't effect you, so fuck of.
Opinion On Rami?
Rami is my right hand you don't need to know more.
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Was it you who wrapped jasmina
i love bad bitches thats why i i love you x
What helps you to sleep better?
Looking at ur mans photos LOOOOOOL wtf, what kind of question is dis?
Your really pweety♡
ThanQ Hun
Are you true to your religion
yes im true to my religion.
inbox me on facebook beautss.
Now what you need too do is inbox me your number oommggg some big storyy fml ahaha  Yasmin Aden
i will dw hun ;)
abgaal dhillo
Go Learn Somali.
aawwwwwwww my BAAAABBYYYYYY  Yasmin Aden
My Beautiful Girl Like Yasminnn
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Do you believe everyone is beautiful in their own way
ur not my fam, ur a tramp.
Keep it Moving.
some guy called mohamed hussen told me u send pics around fam!!!!
Funny Boy, STOP hiding behind ur screen and inbox me plus are u sure it wasn't ur mum sending the pictures of herself to mans?
i got to much respect for myself to be sending pictures of myself around.
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did muna send naked pictures around to man?
No, Whoever told you dis Inbox Me The Name.
whos ur main girls?
My Main Girls Are Too Certi To Be Named.
did you do a thing with nuradeen?
Tbh, Dats My Business Not Urs So Keep Your Long Nose Out My Life.