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Finn Harries @FinnHarriesMW
Ask me something honey x
RSS answers
What are you always late for?
School ;p
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Already ;) x
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is this the real finn harries?
Im just a role player of him ;) x
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What do you believe happens to us after we die?
Akhirat wks
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how old are you?
Im finn and im 19
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Hi bro!
Hi there buddy
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follow me :/
Gimme ur link babe
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:*you set free?:P
No lol
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5 best qualities in a girl?
Nice, pretty, sexy, humorous, smart
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what hair colour are you naturally drawn to?
Dark brown i think
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you got facebook?:Dd
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What is the secret to a happy life?
Be yourself
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Finn Finn, the better twin <3
Thank you ;) x
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follow me!
Followed bbe ;) x
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check out my harries twin imagine twitter? ‎@Imagine_Harries
I'll check it later ;)
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you're the twin brother of Jack right? u.u <3  Federica.✌❤
Yes i am :)
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If only this was the real Finn. #MufFinn
hahaha i was hope so
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You and your brother are so funny ilysm!! <3333 and, what made you want to start making videos?
thanks. its because of jack who wants me to make some videos with him haha just for fun x
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put these bands in order of your favorite to your least favorite: JLS, One Direction, The Wanted, The Script, All Time Low and Rizzle Kicks
One direction haha
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I love you... Did you know that!!!??!! xx
I love you too :)
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hello!you are so beautiful
thanks, you're also ;) x
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follow me !
Tell me your link baby ;)
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wich is your favorite movie ?
Walking dead
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hi !
Hi :) x
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Why are you so good looking ? Xxxxxx I love you xxx <3
Thanks. Love you too <3
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