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Fai @Firework55
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Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
I think for a long time.
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What's the one thing that everyone should do or have in order to become a better person ?  Doctor Amal ☤
Faith in yourself, in god and others❤️.
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Do you whistle in public?
I don't know how to whistle.
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ليه دايم حزينه و كئيبه و جوك اسود وكلامك كله عن الحزن وانك كارهه حياتك و ايمو ومدري ايش
انا مب ايمو!!:/
ماتعرفين جوي عشان تقولين اسود على كيفك هو=))
و لااكتب اني كارهه حياتي بالعكس احبها
و لو كنت دايم حزينه "لو" مابكره حياتي لان فيها ناس احبهم محببيني في عيشتي
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I like you
Thank youuu..
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Ur interesting ! Can we chat over bbm ?
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What is the best color for a car?
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What are your favorite subjects to talk about?
Music, food, movies, about anyone's self. And video games.
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Don't cut your hair please!!!
No i won't cut it
I will shave it.
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Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?
I do.
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Would you rather live without books or music?
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What would animals say to us if they could talk?
Leave us alone for God sake!
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who do u follow in Twitter ?
Weird question! But i follow people who tweets about life and feelings something like that things i've been through real shit and i follow my friends also.
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Who do you follow on Vine?
All the funny people.
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If it was me, i would tell them but not directly.. I know not all people deserve to know how we feel about them but I deserve to not keep something inside of me that's killing me too.
You're so damn right but maybe maybe i will get over it soon, hopefully!
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If you miss someone tell them. Life's too short mate.
I wish i could! But i just can't
Cause it's not that easy to tell that one person who just ended something beautiful between both of us like it was nothing! So hard.
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Ur name is strange
I love it.
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You look sad!
Well, i'm not happy.. So
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Thank u.
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Wake up!!!!!!!!!
I'm awake now
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لما تستقصدين احد بالكلام بدون ذكر اسمه يكون ماتقدرين توصلينها له بالصريح ام ماذا؟
بس اكيد ما بكتب للأحد اللي ما اقدر اوصل له الا و انا صدق ما اقدر اوصله!
ف هنا اكون انا استقصده بكل شي اكتبه عشان صعب اوصله له شخصيا
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لك خوات اكبر منك صح؟ متخصصين
بعد متخصصين؟
لا ما عندي اخوات اكبر مني اساسا
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Ana m3ake fe nfs al college
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Will humans ever live on another planet?
Yeah maybe.
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Whats your fav twitter accounts??
‎@ManarWarrior // ‎@HissaReads //‎@Triangles11 and others.
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