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were did you go today ?
mela ma ghamilthomx ta ask ?
la ikolli cans nghamillhom
r8 d8 x
Likee <3
r8 d8 x
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like r8 u d8 ?
kemm hi helwa kugintek man
nigu min xurxin babe ;)
kemm hi helwa kugintek man
Kemm int gb rajtek ilum sliema kont nyb ?
Allura ma tkellimniex 😂😂😂
Sejjra pulse ?
like r8 d8 ? (yes or no only)xx
Lil min irrid imma ☺️
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going pulse ?
dont know
:'( dats sad tbh
Top atm ?
None of your business 👋🏼
i want u
Jien le 😂
your so damn perfect
Thankyou 😊
r8 d8 xx
scroll down
jogbok ks ?
Nitfaw fb tajd ?
jogbok ks ?
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jaqaw int m zejtun ?
yess , git a problem babe ?
what was the best thing that happened so far in summer for you?
Xejn 😂
What do you love about your local feast?
What do you love about your local feast?
what do you have planned for today?
Do you prefer to ask questions or answer them?
Andek instagram ?
Ija -francescadesirax
Your beautiful xxx
awh ty
pap of you today ?
pap of you today ?
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r8 d8 yes/no biss
Okayyy xx
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I'm in love with your hair ❤️
Thankyou ☺️