Should I replace my existing heating or air conditioning system?

There are many factors to consider when replacing an existing air conditioning or heating system. The age of the unit, how efficient the current unit performs, and if the current unit is in need of repair. With increases in HVAC technology, many of the units made a short decade ago perform less efficiently than once made just a few years later. Frank ( says that his top of the line today perform 3x better than the top of the line just 5 years ago.

Systems today may be as much as 60% more efficient. Also, previous maintenance, or lack thereof, can cause wear and tear on a system that would reduce the actual efficiency of the unit. A reduction in utility bills and an expensive repair bill are other factors to consider. Read more:

Frank Weglarz and Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. can provide you with a cost comparison of a new unit versus the cost to repair your existing unit. See this and other deals at

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