Should I be concerned about the quality of the air in my home?

There are many products on the market today that allow the homeowner to measure the indoor air quality (IAQ) of their home, which can be seen at Once a consumer understands the possible health effects from unhealthy air, they can then measure the quality of their air and then manage it. The new devices on the market that monitor air quality allow the home builders to use products that increase air quality. Elements such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, organic compounds, humidity and temperature can now be measured. Allergies, odors, illnesses, and more can be caused from poor IAQ. Frank Weglarz has written a great piece on that and it can be seen at

Professional tools have better sensors and are much more expensive, but may be needed to determine the exact cause of poor IAQ.

When building a new home, experts like the ones at Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. can determine the best materials to use along with the best system to install to give the homeowner the best IAQ. In addition, substantial energy savings from 30 to 70 percent can be realized in homes that have carefully planned their HVAC upgrades. Visit us at and we can get you started.

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