What size air conditioner unit do I need for my home?

When building a new home or replacing an old air conditioning unit, many people wonder what size unit to purchase. Thinking of the children’s story Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a good guideline when purchasing a new or replacement unit: too small and your unit will not cool properly, too large and you are wasting money, but just the right size will provide you with comfort and savings http://seekingalpha.com/user/40244056/profile.

Frank Weglarz and Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. http://mashable.com/people/frankweglarz/ can provide a load calculation for your home or office. Many dealers will also provide an energy analysis to give you a rough estimate on operating costs. Knowing the efficiency of the unit and your budget are also factors to consider when thinking about a new air conditioning unit.

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Frank and his wife Jessica are the owners of Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. Frank is a 3rd Generation Sheet Metal worker. In 1980 Frank's father Frank started Weglarz Mechanical Inc. After 8 years working in Sales in Commercial Insurance, Frank decided it was time to go into the family business.

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