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dont give a fuck so ask away
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Ahahaha you are a nerd. Saint remember
thats me thats me ahhahaa
Cos that made sense
nar like obv i know what it is init but like wrote it bare nerdy loool
looooool am gassin but it is
What's a dragon dagger
a dagger forged with dragon scales/bones obvv
Rune scimmy or dragon dagger?
Dragon dagger all the wayyy ... ngl i never had one tho
Was taking the piss
ahhhright blesss then;P
Didn't use them words said beautiful cos I'm nice aw
loool narr u said obv not when someone said i was piff so ur gasss
Said I'm obvs dutts
well why u callin me dutts
looool why am i horrible
That was horrible fuck youuu
im so confused
Hahahaha someone said your so so so piff, Erm no
loooool ur obv dutts
Yeah it was harsh. Got deleted man.
ahhhh right isit
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your so so so piff
get a job then
narrr im doin an apprenticeship are u thick or sutten?
Hahahahah course fredz
ahahahhahahah yessss g
Why aren't you a sket but was
cus obv used to get couple couple gal
Why was
what you mean why was?
I like them titties of yours
looool i aint got no tits
You're a sket
*was ahahaha
That was rude
it was
oi oi
ur mums a sket
your a skid mark on the world
loooool soz duck