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ما هى معنى الحياه بالنسبه لك؟

Hey guys, I'm back finally, I won't be on that much... sorry if my page isn't active anymore, I hope you guys still have me followed. <3

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I know I haven't been active but right now I'm using my phone and I might not be on everyday I'll try.... When I get my computer back . I'll be back on. (:

So, I see this page isn't active anymore and If this isn't active anymore then I can't give gifts or do any contests :L so I really need this page active or I might deactivate...

Offline! There were no winners today because this page isn't active that much, new contest tomorrow! Bye. x less than a minute ago

today you give me gift ! you promise.

#WreckingBall. #Kutluhan♥.

http://ask.fm/Free__Gifts/answer/59966146574 Follow the rules please!

i want

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Gift Plz ? xD


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i want agift

Shafeek Mourad

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I want a gift for my birth day! <3

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we love u ♥ bagalodugo

The Minions ✔ #LOL


can u help support us we want bring people to #LOL ?:)

The Minions ✔ #LOL

I'll try!

i need one gift plz just one :)

Leo Alkhatib

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May I plzzzzz have a gift


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So, a lot of people been asking how to get a free gift! Well I'll tell you the rules:
We start new days everyday for gifts.
Whoever gets the likes I say by 1 hour..
They get a gift tomorrow! but if you're not on time for the gift then i'm sorry it's to late.. :(
So that's how you get the gift! So follow us because we're active everyday! <3
Good luck and have fun, don't beg for gifts and please don't get upset that you don't get a gift! It's the rules, i'm sorry... :D <3

i'll do anythng other i can't get 100 likes :( ?

Jala Ashraf

Well if you don't want to do this one, Tomorrow we will be starting new! We start new everyday so just follow us and keep checking what contests we have!

Can I have a gift please? I've never had one...


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Gift! :D


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Hello everyone! Today we are starting new, send in your questions and try to get 100 likes on them for a free gift! :) and whoever gets 100 likes past 1 hour, then I will stop this page and say the winner! let's get started! :D



I'm off for now sorry if I keep leaving... :L if I get lots of likes on this I'll give you 3 gifts if I can! Anyways cya in the morning! x

Can you send me a gift I will like all of your answers :).

Bridgit's hair

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Gift For Me plizz :D ?


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Ask @Free__Gifts:

About **OFFLINE**:

Hello! This is a page for people who need gifts, you came to the right place! We give free gifts to people but you have to follow the rules! good luck getting your gifts! **HAVE FUN AND DON'T MISS OUT** http://ask.fm/Free__Gifts/answer/59966146574