Raekwon @GBEoblock3hunna
Raekwon @GBEoblock3hunna
trust no 1 not even ursrlf
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What would you name your next/first pet?
ayy fam i made it!!!
yung lean x lil shark collab
Do you have a collection?
naw i wanna start collecting tho
What is your hobby
beating off on fl studio
get it xD
do you have it your way XD
I'm sorry but what do you mean by "XD"? Last time I checked, it's xD.... with a lower case x.
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honesty hour?
What are your favourite subs?
idk i just go to subway and make my own sandwich
text a random girl from your contacts and tell them that they are beautiful
text a random girl from your contacts and tell them that they are beautiful
honestly hour?
honesty hour
honesty hour
honestea hour
tea hour
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Who is your biggest mentor?
What would animals say to us if they could talk?
goat: Baaaaaaayy lmao
What is the greatest issue you face right now?
issues arent great xD
Who is your smartest friend?
xD the guy who invented smarties xD
the alien whispered "ayy" as he laughed his fucking ass off.
What one word describes you?
would you ever take back a cheater?
nah once a thot always a thot
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What's your biggest phobia?
moving out
shiet man like everyone wants to move out of their parents house right? fuck that fam i get free rent, free food, free tea, free everything dude free stuff is good
once i become rich tho like hella stacks ill move out forsure
but like if you think about it, free shit is good.
also another phobia is losing my friends from high school. ive been best friends with my friends since 6th grade so i hope when we go to college we stay friends
anyways, keep it real
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What's the saddest quote\song you know of?
yung lean - lightsaber
becoming 18 sucks dick  Andrew
yeah i just turned 17 today and i feel like when im 18 im gonna have to like stop spending my money on like clothes and shit and fun stuff and ill have to save up on college, gas, and all that boring necessary shit
im just trying to glo up and buy stuff this year you feel me
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What age are you scared of?
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Who is the hottest person you've ever seen?
my mirror
do you believe in supernatural things like ghosts?
go play runescape its free
do you believe in supernatural things like ghosts?
Who is your most attractive friend?
my mirror
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happy bday  Emily
thanks fam
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happy birthday!!!!!!!!1  matt
thanks fam