Raekwon @GBEoblock3hunna
Raekwon @GBEoblock3hunna
trust no 1 not even ursrlf
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is that your bape hoodie in your dp?  Thatboymike
yea. im a fan of flexing
ayy fam
Do you still use reddit?
r/streetwear and r/hiphopheads only
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honesty hour?
Who in YOUR OPINION are the cutest guys on ask? (no one should get offended, it's an opinion)
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what's your weirdest fetish?
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How would you do on a song competition show?
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Does anyone know why Stella deactivated?
people have a life they don't stay on ask.fm forever
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fuck u got against gucci bitch square up
its literally ugly as fuck
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What's the biggest fashion faux-pas for you?
Wearing Gucci
Gucci is the Obey of designer
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bape blocks  Olly
bape blocks
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what subject can you go on and on about?
Yung lean
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Would you rather have white hair or no hair?
White hair then dye it brown
bape glocks  Olly
baped out
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post fit
ayy lmao
post fit
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what is something your friends do that bother you?
"ayy lmao you spend so much money on clothes ayy lmao rap is so gay ayy lmao"
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make a starter pack of you?
make a starter pack of you?
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what genre of music do you dislike?
1. u cant spell Crap without RAP
2. rappers only rap about WEED MONEY AND BITCHES
3. only good rapper is eminem because he actually talks about his life and how he was abused by his daughter
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pap recently followed
im not playing runescape atm plus why would i screenshot who i followed on rs?
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Do you like high school? Or if you have graduated, did you like it?
ayy lmao yall went to high school i went to school high
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yesss you're back
mm yeahhh
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Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
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What is your favorite type of flower?
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Honest Opinion: I really have never talked to you, but you and Evan always seemed to have doubts about this community and I agree with the both of you. Anyways, you seem like a cool dude and your content is original and gives me a good laugh. So thank you.
Thanks man
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Hey! You seem really cool would you like to trade some clothes? We can just do the honors system!  Jaheeve
shut the fuck up stop asking me questions
you stole clothes from a kid on r/tmfa i dont even know how u got here.
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