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Tbh- your last answered question was a tbh from me haha. You're so easy to talk to and I'm a little surprised but it's quite nice! You are extremely sweet and very smart. Your skin is perfect and I'm quite jealous. I'm glad we've become better friends recently. You are also a good hockey player! 😀‎  Arizona Adams
Thanks Zo! I'm glad we've become better friends too! Honestly i dont know where i got my tan-ness from 😳
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HO: I still have the softball from 8th grade! Haha Uhm, we don't talk much anymore but you are extremely smart and a good athlete! You have like the perfect eyes and skin, super jealous haha! You're most definitely going far in life and I hope we start talking more :)‎  Arizona Adams
Aw thanks Zoie!! Oh jeez 8th grade were the days hahaha
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What am I to you??
Well i dont know who you are so
9.5!‎  Mackenzie Starr
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Are you going to ask anyone to snow coming?
top friends
The boys
top guy/girl friends
The boys
I love you
Fuck you
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Helloooo we dating yet??
date me
Haha ok
like extremely attractive
Well thanks anon
Youre cute
Your girlfriend found someone else. Sorry bruh
Oh yeah?
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Favorite person to text?
Likers get who they would be cute with?
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Tbh: gay Rate: -1.5 ❤‎  Alex Schuster
Love you❤️
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10000000000000‎  Sydney Perry
Truth is?
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What was your favorite toy as a child?
What was your favorite toy as a child?
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
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Tbh: bitchhhhh‎  Alex Schuster
Truth is you're my boyfriend‎  Sydney Perry
Thank you
Truth is you're my boyfriend
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Bitches everywhere
Mostly the guy below this⤵️
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Have you joined the clan yet?
Ya man!
Haha, mine sucks too! I started last Tuesday I think? Just join once you have built your clan castle uppp
Already in bby ❤️