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Bitches everywhere
Mostly the guy below this⤵️
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Have you joined the clan yet?  Tyler Vowels
Ya man!
Haha, mine sucks too! I started last Tuesday I think? Just join once you have built your clan castle uppp  Tyler Vowels
Already in bby ❤️
Dude! Wtf, join my Clan  Tyler Vowels
Im ashamed cause i just started like friday....
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How many games do you have on your phone?
Clash of Clans=The shit
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Then whose the one to women?
Do you know Rick?
Whats a quiere?
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You're so gay
Yeah nick?
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Prolly sticky ricky
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Who is the biggest asshole you know?
In general or to women?
Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
Just remember to always wear a helmet and don't do donuts on a county road in front of a cop
Top 10 guy friends and girl friends
No order; B-Rick, Alex, Nick, Jon, Taylor, Kam
G- Sydney, Emily, Maddie, Makenna
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Tbh Garrett yeah we still talk which is cool. You're a great guy and i wish we talked more  Danielle Donahue
Thank you!
What was the last picture you made?
What was the last picture you made?
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Merry Christmas!!  Maddie Snyder™
Merry Christmas!
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likers get a paragraph?
Uh no
likers get a paragraph?
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hahahaha lemme have your numberrrr.  Katee DiRosa
my contacts are full I can't add anyone sorry
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Lmao. whatcha mean?  Katee DiRosa
Your attitude is unacceptable
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just gimme your number. im not gonna obsess over you like kenzie Leach did.  Katee DiRosa
I don't know... I don't like your attitude
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that's Alex's number.  Katee DiRosa
Well shit
that's rick's number.  Katee DiRosa
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your cellphone number dummy.  Katee DiRosa
hahaha yep. what's your number?  Katee DiRosa
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yep. you should text me sometime!  Katee DiRosa
Ok neighbor
me. no jk your girlfriend.  Katee DiRosa
Haha thanksss