Garrett Dwane Haun @GarrettDwaneHaun
Garrett Dwane Haun @GarrettDwaneHaun
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Instagram- MrHaun Stop asking for my Kik, Snapchat, Facebook, i've already said my snapchat and kik, and you're not getting my facebook.
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Are you still taken or single?
single. thank the lord
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What's your instagram and twitter? sorry if that sounds creepy... 😛😋  Jaileigh Horton
my instagram is MrHaun and my twitter is GarrettDwane
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Do you feel lonely because you've been single for a while? (Not tryna be a bitch or anything..)
This is me and my girlfriend of over a month now..
Do you feel lonely because you've been single for a while? (Not tryna be a bitch or anything..)
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how am I suppose to get over someone
give it time. and delete contact with them
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When's your birthday?
June 13th
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Can i you be my boyfriend?? ;)
I'm currently talking to someone.
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Gay, straight or bi?
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Ok I have a question my girlfriend wants to have sex but she wants to get pregnant but I don't want her too should I wear a condom?
don't do it. not until you're financially stable and can support a child.
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Garrett do you reply to people who Kik you? (Not gonna ask for your Kik just wondering if you reply)
sometimes. but sometimes I get really busy and read the messages and can't reply.
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Ask.FM/garetttdwane is that your other ask or just a fake?
a fake. it was taken when I made this ask.
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What's ur brothers name? The gay one
I only have an older sister. no brother
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Please pass your whatsapp!!!! :3
don't have one
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Oh great. Now you like Ashton. You're a fucking man whore
I give zero fucks about your thirsty butthurt ass
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i really love you , although the bad treatment which you treated me with , but i failed in forgetting you .. you win
if you and I ever had something you wouldn't be on anon or even saying it on ask. but good try.
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Why are you still chasing kaylin.?Obviously she doesn't like you anymore cause you're an asshole lmfao. I told you you would ruin a good friendship. No one listens to anon lmao.
I'm not still chasing Kaylin, why are you an annoying anon? lol
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Why you always sound bored and mad all the time? Btw you fine asshell why can't I have you?
I don't if you knew me in person you'd realize I'm a smart ass and an asshole, but also a sweetheart.
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Who do you like the most, Phoebe or Kaylin?
I love phoebe but Kaylin could easily replace her.
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Do you like kaylin?
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stop denying, you're gay because you DON'T WANT a girlfriend
I'm straight. but I DIDN'T want a girlfriend. I wanted phoebe. but I found someone better. so nah still not gay, sorry to make you all butthurt tho
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Bruh why tf do you keep talking about kaylin. No one gives a fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damnnnn
why do you pay so much attention if you don't care?
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Are you near in Mockingbird Ln i think i saw you a weeks ago?
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thanks for following me on twitter ‎@MrGarrettHaun
my twitter is GarrettDwane
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Do you like kaylin?
yep. sure do.
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Kaylin thinks you're sweet but she doesn't know you're a complete asshole. If you start dating her it won't last. So why fuck up a good friendship? I think you and kaylin would be better off as friends dude. Js
you're the asshole for calling me an asshole...
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