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Garrett Dwane Haun @GarrettDwaneHaun
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Instagram- MrHaun Stop asking for my Kik, Snapchat, Facebook, i've already said my snapchat and kik, and you're not getting my facebook.
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Who is your girlfriend?
i don't have one.
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You like Lebron 11's? (They're Nike shoes).
i have a pair.
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you don't use your facebook but I think you have an account, Am I right?
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why don't you want a girlfriend? are you secretly gay?
lmfao no
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why u think u dont have girlfriend? :)
i dont want one.
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That woman you met at a party and you like me?
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if u were to die in 1 day and get 1 wish what is it
all my jizz the be frozen so people that say "OMG have my babies" could actually have my babies, but without me raising them
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You have a girlfriend named massi?
i've been SINGLE THREE years
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Can you be my friend! Xoxo! - anne the pretty...
send a fr -mrdwane
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Garrett I found your twin ‎@kanmayne or is that you?
"page not found"
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Would you give a girl if they asked your number?
.anyone who sends their number via ask,fm will get a call from me on *67 within the week, and their number wont be shared
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Is it true that you have Salido In A Newsletter With Nash Grier?
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Do you want to be a MagCon boy?
i'd love to be in Magcon
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what's your favorite video game
at the moment? CoD Ghosts
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How old are you? (;  Gab Horan
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What your name on Facebook??
i dont use facebook.
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What do you think about Nash Grier and Cam Dallas?
they seem chill
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
sixty nine.
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its me from kik! can you make a vid now? please  John Irish
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whats your real twitter?
Twitter - GarrettDWane
Instagram - MrHaun
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why did everybody tell u that u'r a fake ? :3
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Did you want to be in the Magcon Tour?
yeah and i mightve been able to if i didnt get hacked
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Owh.. Btw who's your sponsor? I just want to know.  Cams Nash
noone anymore
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Ahm... Like clothes, gadgets, cases, and many more...  Cams Nash
not any more. all my sponsors left me when i got hacked
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Any business do you have?
like what
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