Skyler Gasta @Gastaskyler
Skyler Gasta @Gastaskyler
Hi c: I'm cool. I like cats. Ask me questions. Any.
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What do you think about Sawyer Cuthrell?
I don't talk to him
What song did you last listen too?
A day to remember.
cant remember what song though
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What was the last picture you made?
lol you wouldnt wanna know ;)
Did you really cheat on Arek
I never cheated on him.
Never even thought about it.
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Who is your most hated celebrity?
Pretty much any of the pop generation.
fav singer/rapper?
Too many
pap of yourself.
who's your celebrity crush?
Don't really have one
fav ppl frm 8th-senior?
10th- Arek
11th- Ryan (Marlette tho)
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fav ppl from Cass City, USA, Lakers, Caro and Vassar?
Cass city. Me
USA. Idk
Lakers. Elena
Caro. Idk.
Best guy friends??
1. Ryan
2. Arek
3. Cody
4. Kirklynd
5. Noah
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What's one thing you have planned for the feature?  Brooklyn Stilson
To be happy
Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?
Yesss <333333
What do you think of Katie Autry?  Brooklyn Stilson
Idk idc
What do you think of Alli Riddle?
What do you think of victoria m
Idk. Stop asking me these dumb questions that I'm obvi not answering for a reason
Do you spend too much time on smart phone playing ‘stupid games’?
No. I only have 1 game & that's sugar crush
have u ever been cheated on??
Skyler your beautiful :)  Bradley
Thanks brad (:
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What do you think of Seth Osentoski?
What do you think of Sayge Cuthrell?
What do you think of Adam Michalski?
What do you think of Kelcie Autry?
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u are so perf :* ❤  Edi Lukaj
No ._.
Far from it
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What do you think of Jamison?
He's cool.
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