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Do you have a kik
I'll leave my name but don't answer it ok?
kk i wont
I think your really pretty but I don't think you would wanna talk to me :(
thanks and im sure i would talk to u
Tbh hi Genna ily thanks for always making me laugh in ss hahaha  Sydney
hahaha ly to
sorry I think I put that on anon  smurphy1035
its k thankss
thanks but who is this
How much longer do u have your braces on for
idk cause i didnt even get my bottoms yet
Do you care if someone has braces or not
i have braces so no
What season of glee r u on
Who's naya rivera
santana on glee
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be?
nina dobrev harry styles paul wesley naya rivera ian somerhalder
rate 9 date yes tbh- you're really nice and funny and pretty and you're awesome and we've known each other for so long and you're legit a goon
lol thankss
Rate 9 hu idk  Kyle
Rate 8 hu probably  Frank demunno
tbh: ur really funny and nice and prob the only one I can stand to be with in health and Spanish haha  Maddie Sloan
hahah thanksss
Rate:100❤️  Sydney
Hu/pass idk tbh you awsome, one of my best friends, and funny as hell  Roberto H
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Junior  Jish
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This isn't a question, but you're beautiful (:  Dylan
2,5,10,15  Quinn Johnson
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tbh imy and you're so nice and funny and you're a gus
haha thanks pope francis love u
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Rate 10 because I had frosted flakes for breakfast roshelle u love me  Bryan finnegan
thanks francis and i bought frosted flakess
Tbh your hilarious, awesome, pretty, and one of my best friends  Roberto H
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i was gonna write u a good tbh but tbh i got nothing  alyssa
f u
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