George White @GeorgeeWhite
George White @GeorgeeWhite
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You're gorgeous George
Thank you
Worth a go
Will you make me a coffee please?
Nice try Mum
Why thank you
Let's see how many likes you can get from you're profile picture..
Let's see how many likes you can get from you're profile picture..
Just want you :(
Who's this?
1 person likes this
Oooooo who dat
Does it matter?
Texting anyone?
Yeah she was hot you know
Who's your 'new follower'
Quite clear who it is if you look through
Bet you regret everything you done for Rowen now don't you lol?
You're gorgeous George Xxxx
Thank you very much anon xxx
Do you regret anything?
Yes too much
Can we have sex?
Ermm if it makes you feel better then of course
Why do you never reply to my texts?
Text me then?
Rowens such a slag loooool what was you thinking!!
Omg I have you on snapchat and you're so hot!!
Thank you haha
Who's the girl cos this is rowen
Nice one you'd text if you wanted
You've moved on already?!
Nope deffo not
Haha okay
To embarrassed
Oh not the shy person again
Good bby
Why who's this?
Ah ffs why you gonna be taken again
I'm not.. I'm not having a relationship for a long while yet I'm just talking to one person haha
Whom might that be
Not putting it on here