Georgie Mortlock @GeorgieMorty
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Why do you like to lick windows? ;)
Is this maya?+ they are really tasty:-)
why you so hawt?
Who is this?
Am not sure al ask tomoro
Omg my mums bestfrends nephew is one of the boys in union j I know total random
What one:O
What’s in your pockets?
I don't have any pockets
What famous person would you like to meet?
Any of union j or one direction:-)
When you feel sad, what cheers you up?
Friends+ Fangirling over Union J and 1D:)
why are you so gay
Erm I'm not,
1. I'm a girl
2. I like men?:L
Who was the last person you saw?
My mum
What is something you wish you were better at?
Is it more important to love or be loved?
It depends:)
ehhiiiii sexy ladyyyy
Oppa gangnam style!:)
lolololololooooooove me
UHH I LIKE YOU :) I love fangirling heheeh xD I can't wait fro X Factor snndcbcj - f
dwefu234hjbju75guygb1dyhb66gd you had to find 1D dwefu234hjbju75guygb(1d)yhb66gd LOL IM BORED K
Haha, lool:)
dwefu234hjbju75guygb1dyhb66gd RT IF YOU FOUND IT ;)
OMG HE'S SO PERFECT HE'S RKFJVJNDELDLFKFKKF :) omg I love Union J and 1D omg jdjdcjcjxk
Omg!:) adgshkdldakahgajskdlfldksjaha! They are so beautiful:) wgajslslajshslaka
do you like miley ray cyrus? :)
Yeh. I think she has a really good voice and she's so pretty:)
okay I'll always write a 'f' at the end of the text so u know it's me (f=fangirl) :D
Okay:) asdfghjkl:)
do u want to fangirl with me about George *__*
Yes:) *drools*