I'm not a fucking princess @GonaShine
Dublin City.
I'm not perfect, I'm just original. Maybe you will think I'm cracy. Yes I am.
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Love is forever
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¿Que te enamora de un hombre?  'Guillee Martínez
No hablo bien español pero lo intento. Me enamoran los buenos que me quieren de verdad y me cuidan.
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si, un poco
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do you believe in faries
When i was younger i did, but not now
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Why are you so pretty? :3
Oh, thanks but I'm not :3
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Why you aren't a princess?  Martis.
Because I'm a little rebeld
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How important is money to you?
Money doesn't bring hapiness
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Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?
I'm very popular, but I rather prefer to be alone or just with some trusly friends.
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