likers get <3 ?

Okay <3

- Greg Horan

Happy 1st birthday theo! Love you! <3

Are you really Liam ? you have evidence?

Liam? I'm not Liam, I'm Greg baby :)


Hello :)

is this real?? :) *-* <3 xD imperfect♥

Yes :)

Is Theo alright?

Yep :)

Do you already have app for iPhone?




is this real


likers get a heart?:)

Okay :)

<3 Denise Horan

Ohh..Denise :)

Do u talk often with Niall?

Yes, whenever possible

Can you give me some likes or ask me something ? Andreea M. Stefan

This is my first question here! haha ten months ago x

- Greg Horan

Happy Easter :)

- Greg Horan

32000 likes today? Can we do it? :)


Hii :)

First 10 likes get a message?? :)) please !

Everybody xx

First 5 likers get a follow plz! <3

Okay :)

Have u met 1 direction?? Téa Jessica Macfarlane

Of course ;)

Horan !

McGinley !

Love u <3 <3 <3 oumeima berriri

How are you today babes? :)

- Greg Horan

Who follow me here?
(I just wanna know) xx


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