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what school u going to for grade 12
I think i answered this already but pearson
prabdeep runs pearson
prabdeeps the biggest lg in pearson
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Why go late?
i dont wake up in time
Why would you get fired?
late pre much everyday
Do you have a job?
LOL i might have gotten fired????? maybe?????????????/??/? idk
how long have you been working there
since friday i think you can come apply if you want, we need more ppl
which friend works there
how did you get a job at shaw what do you do there
i just came with a friend because she was working here before me so they hired me as well and nothing really tbh you just call ppl and pick up phone calls. im here rn you can be on fb and they wont say anything so its pre chill
You work? Where??
Yes at shaw
Thoughts on Harjot Sran?
no thoughts
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I have 5 eyes, 2 noses, and 1 leg who am I?
teri ma
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Do you still talk to Karnvir
no he's too cool for me ya know
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do you miss Harvie?
why would i lol
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Postt a selfie
no son
Sunny Minhas, still miss him?
I think I love you
Are you still at pearson for grade 12
no bindy baby is cute wth
HAHAHA the bae
ew that last answer was ugly
it was cute wtf
It isnt easaaaayyy
its easy peezy lemon squeezy
who run pearson
Idk tbh ngl real talk
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ok auni aa ;)  Dhaman
you ;)  Dhaman
uh hi  Dhaman
what do u want..