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That's right bitch don't reply because you know am right HA
Dude why tf are you still on anon gtfo
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Child molester xD .
Exactly dumbass
Grow up .
You grow up & get off anon
You can do better lol . You hang around 12 year olds lmao .
I'm not trying to get at her dumbass & if anything those "12" year olds are much more mature than your bitchass & gtfo anon
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How would you describe your style?
Chanel's ugly you good ?
That's fucked up once you get to know her shes a really great person :)
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Ha that's funny xD  Auva ✨
Thanks c:
What's your worst fear?
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wtf xD vvvvv you "cute" fool .. Dumb
Haha ik
No seriously you're stupid .
Am not the one hanging around stupid kids haha you cute fool
Thanks b
Check your self . Ala verga
Fuck yourself
Just see how stupid you sound . Just recognize how dumb you look . You're holding a cig and a lighter and didn't smoke it ? What were you posing for the picture or tf .
Ask anyone that was there I didn't smoke it if you dont like that then just gtfo friend
Your holding a cig and a lighter pinche pendejo
Am I smoking it.?
Because your young and got more goin for you then smoking and hanging around fools that smoke that's why stupidass
I'm not smoking though is what you don't understand son
Your saying you don't smoke but know your admitting it . Get your head outta your Ass
I'm saying i didn't do it stupid ass I said if I did why would you care dumb bitch
Your holding a lighter stupid ass S/O to who took the picture what a fried xDDD
Doesn't mean I'm smoking it & if I was why the fuck would you care haha
What about that pap at that bottom with the box of cigs stupidass
They're not mine my fried if you don't know who's they are just shut up haha
Don't smoke you fucking stupidass
I don't smoke stupid ass
Who sent the last text message you received?
Ashley :)
Thoughts on suicide?
You smoke?