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What did happen with you & Sabrina?
It was just something mistaken
so forgot to take that off anon  Melissaa
I had a feeling it was you haha thank you
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hey, cheer up gustavo hope u feel better about all of this don't let anyone ruin your day u deserve to be happy especially with all the things in the past just live life the way u want it to be have a good day. (-:
Thank you very much
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A tat of a duck!!
Why do you say you arent a good boyfriend?
I know I'm not she can say I am all she wants but anyone in my shoes would say the exact opposite. I cause so many problems for her more than she already has in my opinion she would be much better off without me, ever since I came in I've done nothing but cause more problems for her & that's not what I ever intended to do.
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What is the best song of all time?
Fuck you- ohno :)
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are you faithful to your girl?
Don't make yourself look bad your first year :) surround yourself with good people.
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Any advice for up coming freshmen :) u seem like u would know ❤️
Boy or girl?
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Ur really pretty :)
Whoever you are I'm sure you're just as pretty as I am or maybe even prettier :)
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Your cover is on point.
Thank you, that's why I chose that picture it's really something.
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If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
Plain black
Please don't treat her bad. She's gone through a lot
Yeah trust me I know & I won't
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Why do you not appreciate her as much as before now?
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What happened between you and Sabrina ?
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Sabrina isn't pretty dude lmao
Kind of noticed lol
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Does it bother you like the stuff Sabrina or any of them say?
I can care less what those have to say lol
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So many people like to hate on your relationship
Tell me about it
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Would you ever get a Tattoo? If so post a pic of it?
I would get a whole sleeve but Idk of what frankly
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you havent had sex with natalia or you have?
That doesn't concern you or anyone else what we do is between us.
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Who is it about.-.
She has an ask, go ask her
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You're gfs post..
Your* & what about it?
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is your cousin Natalie Bi?
When was the last time you had sex?
I don't recall
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Are you seriously single? You just had a girlfriend like 24 hours ago
No I'm not single dumbass
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