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how old are you now?
15 he's two
How old were you when you had your kid?
so you gon do it oe naw cuz im bout to KO
Idk what pic to put
yea :)
do a tbh plz by dm and do all the girls ;)
Lmao on insta.?
hey i wanna play with you ;)
Come over
relationship status
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like my pic!!!
Which one
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thanks your baeee
Haga thank you :)
did you comment too xD
i think
I've liked everything
you didnt like my pic :(
Am I following you :o
i dare you to like and comment on everything on your newsfeed on ig
How were your Taco Bell coupons?  Brandon Alarcon
Bro thanks I love you ❤️❤️
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ur hot  Sara Villalobos
Thanks b
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you're hot ;*
Thanks lmao
you should go cx
Nah I don't even know her
are you going to vanessa gutierrez's 15?
I saw you and your friends at tillers v.v you and isaias are bomb. Convince him to leave his ugly girlfriend xD and both of you should fuck me let's meet up
Wtf haha
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Answer my question
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If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?
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Hey babe can I ask you a question?  Celina Destiny Moralez
Yea whatsup :)
just go
Alright :)
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go to tillers on sat
Come with me tomorrow :)
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