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so you're sayng shes ugly? Hah shady as shit Tell her to hmu pussy
Nah she's not ugly but you won't talk to her lol
is she hot? She must be hot since you talk to her tell her to hmu
whos the person with the 2 hearts as thier contact name in your pap of texts??
Pap of txts? (;
Pap of txts? (;
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Why do u say that?
Shes a defensive person :)
gustalia4ever (': are you in love with your gf?^.~ can you describe your relationship I love hearing about you guys
Well she's the biggest pain in the ass but I love her very much every moment I spend with her is amazing she's the cutest thing ever & we fight very often but from the start we told each other we would workout EVERY problem no matter how big or small we got this :)❤️
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I bet Sabrina sucked your dick
She actually didn't
What was the last argument you had?
A few minute ago with Nat lmao
Since you're unaware I'm a rare breed.  Chris Aguilar
I don't like bread.
what's up bb  Chris Aguilar
Who's this...?
Don't tell him what to do wtf. v
Chan lmao
Well you should start caring about your girl beautiful and caring girls do not come around that often u should really acknowledge that and start appreciating who you have
Okay thanks bud
Do you even care about your girl? You really need to open your eyes and see how lucky you are to have her
Yeah I know lol
Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?
Rich & famous that way I can pay people to leave my life
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Have you fucked Sabrina
Hi :)
Would you fuck her?
Idk who you're talking about but as long as I can grab something while fucking her then yeah
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sc me or text me :/ you know I'm here for you bro !  Sammy
Thanks bro I'll txt you
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bro what's wrong ?  Sammy
Same as last time
He left lol
What's wrong with your whole dad situation
I fucking hate him & everyone else
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Tbh for likers?
Fuck you
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What is your favorite magazine?
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She's adorable but we got nothing :)
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