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are you cocky
Haha from what people say I guess so & whoever you are I love you finally someone goes on my ask
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I won't follow back
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How old r u
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what should you do if you dont feel the same way for him anymore but you love his hugs and kisses
wtf this is gay I can't help you with this
Gustavo what about me man?  Tommy satterlee
Oh big shoutout to this guy I love him & look up to him
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How long you two been friends?
5th grade :)
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Lucky you have true friends that are awesome
One true friend :)❤️
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How does it feel to have friends?
How does it feel to have friends?
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do you like sabrina
Love her
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you have a son?
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whos danny going out with??
Idk :o
Lizbeth has a small ass #sorrynotsorry
why u so cute.
Whoever you are thanks I think ik who though :)
Hmu with your friend yayo (;
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That's right bitch don't reply because you know am right HA
Dude why tf are you still on anon gtfo
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Grow up .
You grow up & get off anon
You can do better lol . You hang around 12 year olds lmao .
I'm not trying to get at her dumbass & if anything those "12" year olds are much more mature than your bitchass & gtfo anon
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Chanel's ugly you good ?
That's fucked up once you get to know her shes a really great person :)
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Ha that's funny xD  Auva ✨
Thanks c:
What's your worst fear?
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wtf xD vvvvv you "cute" fool .. Dumb
Haha ik
No seriously you're stupid .
Who sent the last text message you received?
Ashley :)