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Gustavo Arce @GustavoArce419
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Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
More of a number 21
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How tall are you
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Sadly someone who will never have the privilege of being with you.
Don't say that what the don't be so hard on yourself there not much excitement being with me
Do you like bubbles? Like the kind that you blow and chase then pop? lol
Lmao yes those haha
Gustavo I don't know if it's normal but when I see you everything seems possible you make me smile no matter what. To me you are the definition of perfect. I will forever love you!❤️
Who are you OMG ❤️
What about her
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
Ask better questions for the day you dumb motherfucker/s
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You're right i dont like Gustavo, i LOVE Gustavo so stfu v  Natalia Morales
I love you too
Natalia likes david sorry nigga):
Great once again lol
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That's cool! What kind of therapist? And it starts with F.
Mental & boy or girl??
Not if you knew whose asking. What do you want to do in life?:) Your dreams? Goals? :) I want to know you.
Be a therapist & what's your name start with
I doubt you would care how I'm doing but I wanna hear about your day. How was it?:)
It was boring but I would care :)
How are you?
Alright how about you
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You have a kid?
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Natalia doesn't like you
Great lol
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Why did you lie about having a kid?
If i haven't answered these questions why do you still bother to ask
Why did you lie about having a kid?
What would you name your first child?
Lucas :)
I love you Gustavo❤️
I love you too anon ❤️:D
lol don't worry I just want you to find true happiness and be happy for the rest of your life with those whom you love
Wow well I love you too thank you
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I want to hug you and feel you and kiss you and just be able to be with you❤️
If this isn't Natalia then no im sorry lol
Nah lol I just posted one on ig
Natalia is mine(;
Why is your brother Alex fat
Idk Hahahaha cx
Hi- sara
Lmao sara wouldn't be on anon
Oh Kay
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