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So cute when she's mad
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I ship you and sara
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wazzz gooood my niggahhh
Hey man :)
Would you rather have white hair or no hair?
What even is my hair babe
Who was that girl on your story she was HOT!!!
I like you
She's so cute
I like you
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Sara is perfection.
She is :) haha
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I saw you kiss that girl behind the stadiums
Oh awk I didn't kiss any girl lmao
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Was that a yes ?
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Good Morning Gustavo :)
Good morning :)
Lmao I thought u two broke up
Lmao you guys are back together
We've been together
R you going out with nataila
Yeah that's my baby
What do you like to cook?
How tall R u
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VV same (: if you ever need anything I'm here for you(:  Kelli
Wow thank you so much :)❤️
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Your welcome anytime you feel down or want someone to talk to I'm here for you. Always & Forever
Well how would I talk to you if Idk who you are
Your welcome but just know I will do ANYTHING! for you to have that beautiful smile on your face❤️ and to be happy
Thank you so much
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11:11 I wish for you to be happy for the rest of your life!❤️
It's not going to work thanks for trying to help
Ok :) I want you to be happy.
I'll try thanks
I trust you if you love her it will eventually fall into place❤️
I do but idk we'll see
Dude she says you make her happy! :)
I don't trust me I just provoke so much shit
I'm so sorry... I thought you two were still together :_(
It's cool
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Can you make Natalia happy? :) please
She broke up with me for a reason I can't
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