THE SARARA  B| @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
THE SARARA B| @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
19,Single,Proud Muslim, Formanite,Passionate Paki,MANCHESTER IS RED B),"In examinations, the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer" so be mature and ask nicely :) Instagram:the_sarara kik:Thesarara
Smile,or else im gonna grab your cheek and make you do it :')
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likes = i will ask u some questions :)
okay poocho.
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Kidhar hai bc?  HamzaZubair.
teray ghar meri jaan :')
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my first question is that y peoples have misbehavior on to other peoples ????
"peoples" aur "Petrols" ki wajah se sarroun ki life L hou gai hai. :)
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Do you think these holidays should extend to 31st Jan?
nai, itni mill gaien hainbbohat hain:P
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one word= good looking  laiba bajwa
thankyou :)
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follow  @jood
Aeisay kaisay kar laetay ho sir?
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One word : bhai :*
Jaa paran bc, jigar hai tou gurda hai tu :*
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happiness is? :')
It is when you wake up and see your house all lit up with lights and sound of naats are echoing in it :')
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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) . May this year bring happines , peace , success and every moment of this year be a fruitful for you & your family. Being pakistani we must also pray to Allah for prosperity and development of pakistan (Ameen) #Byebye2014 #Hello2015  Taimur Aslam
Apko bhi sir and ameen :)
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1st liker gets 30 likes and rest gets 5 likes??
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Kidhar hai tu?  HamzaZubair.
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Compliment: Height se tou apki lagta hai complan aur redbull mix kar kay pee liya hai xD aur FIFA bhi khel hi lete ho :3 Practice karo :*  HamzaZubair.
Hahahahaha Yaar complan hi sai :')
Main lahore aajaoun phir miltay :*
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:*  Syed Saad Ali
Tauba Tauba aurat :*
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unki koi best qawali? :') one you would recommend?
unki saari qawaaliyan kamal hain, magar i'd recommend.
"Allah k huzuur main sar ko jhuka k daekh, milta hai kya namaz main sajday main jaa k dekh"
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so who is your favourite among sabri/aziz/nusrat?
Sabri brothers ki baat hi kuch alag thi :') they are my favourite <3
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you listen qawwali? :') ive heard you sing them well *-*
I love them, they bring freshness to the soul :')
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Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)
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sir g aap ki dp..(Y)  Mirza Belal Baig
shukria sarkaar :")
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What is your dream job?
"Special Services Group"
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khol lock kar Kad pehey phir lock kar Phone rakh leya but pulli na charger Hun ik bag taiyar kar taiyar kar, kar na Gal sun, hold on, easy dar na Take your ID, your passport, credit card Zipper, your slipper, your price lagya sticker Your glossy liper Mere lai some liquer, kar na koi fiqar Just do e  Zaggy ◔̯◔
Wah re boy.
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Aik kaam kro ._.  Zaggy ◔̯◔
Bolo sir
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black ribbon nai hai kha sai millae ga
Sabzi ki dukaan se -_-
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Okays, dunz. practice bete
First grow you, then talk me.
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that mean we play on christmas ayen?
Before that
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Talha khusray lag rahay hou sachi main :'3  Haidi (F-A-B) :')
Come again? :3
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