Talha saab @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
Talha saab @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
Proud Muslim, Formanite,Passionate Paki,Dont degrade my cricket team infront of me!"In examinations, the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer" so be mature and ask nicely :) Instagram:the_sarara kik:Thesarara
Smile,or else im gonna grab your cheek and make you do it :')
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Snapchat id?????
I dont use that.
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Bg rate: 9/10 :'D  Just Fatima!
haha! is pae10\10 banta hai sir xD
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Like= Pick Up Line??
innaa waila nai main :P
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Single Cutie? :')
Yes,no,yes,no,no,no,yes,yes.maybe no xD
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What would you name your next/first pet?
First pet was a Doberman, his name was George Bush.
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kasam khao?
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OW: LAHORI!!!  Rabia Chaudary
Hahaha wah
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Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
well it depends on the situation.
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followed  حربي♋
Calaping houjaye
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but i asked some of ur close friends. the ans was opp to it
Answer yehi hai jo main ne diya hai.
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tbh talha bhai you are a very sweet person I dont know why I find you the most sensible and decent person among your friends. stay blessed :)  Shanezainab
Ye tou tumnay aww scene kardiya xD Allah tumhe salamat rakhay :')
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Like : Hookup /relationship /movie /date. Date.  Archita
you'll have a bad experiance xD
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Who is your biggest mentor?
Sports life = Andrea Pirlo. normal life= myself.
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Tbh Talha saaab you're like a brother to me. You're funny.Not. Over hoty ho but kher ha. :p You're a great human being, you're kind to everyone. Everyone loves your patts more than they love you. xD Kaptaan ho mery and a patt buddy. :3 Get your game face on for tomorrow. Khush rah bhaai. :D  Hussnain Ahmed Saqib.
Hahahaha oh c'mon you fucking fuck larkiyoun wala Tbh hai xD haan ready hun paein, pick kar laeinn aakar
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rate = iPhone 6 +  wisha kashif
hahaha thankyou xD
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I smiled with a chin up!  Caylaa
Haha thats good, lets laugh with a chin down now xD
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PCB discussing Irfan's replacement.... Junaid khan or Imran Khan? ur opinion
Mujh se jb wo discuss karaeingaye, tou i'll call up junaid
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Who do you follow on Vine?
What tge hell is this vine now? :v
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I'm smiling, like right now. (smiles)
Its good for health, lets laugh together now :')
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We can still call a player as a replacement. Saeed ajmal or junaid?
Junaid khan
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With irfan out. Who should replace him ?
well YASIR SHAH, we don't have the depth in our current squad, and the only way we can trouble The Aussies is by playing a top spinner along side Afridi.
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Which Pak actress/model is ur fav? and Which Pak female newscaster is ur fav?
actress mehwish hayat & mahnoor baloch,
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Ye bhi ek baat hai. But agar indians ne rula diya?
is dafa nai houga.inshahAllah
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