THE SARARA  B| @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
THE SARARA B| @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
19,Proud Muslim, Formanite,Passionate Paki,MANCHESTER IS RED B),"In examinations, the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer" so be mature and ask nicely :)
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Udaas kyun para hai? ALLAH sabse bara hai :')
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Yaar tum itnay funny kyun ho? :')
Main bachpan main ulta aur hastay huey paeda hua tha na
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Kik? :3
Haazir karo apni, main maaraan x'D
Naah i dont use it :')
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Yeh jo itni sexy Dp laga rahe ho...konsi achi hae jo phasa rahe ho? :'3  Hashim ヅ
I cant, mujhay bachi phasaani nai aati :(
Bachi hai *yonumber1 koi machli nai :3
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Bas bas FC ki shokhian nah marou _|_
Lagda ah koi jal gia, chalo dill te na laao :*
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What is the Universe made of?
Pata nai, bachpan main classes bunk ki thin boHt science ki :'(
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EL o El? :P  Hashim ヅ
Lawl xD
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Main ne suna hai k aap bmw main ghoomtay ho? :')
Hain jee? Soujaien aap :)
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Chalna?  HamzaZubair.
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Aj phir tumpe pyar aya hai :P  HamzaZubair.
Jummah parh beta. :D
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How can you tell that someone is lying?
Muuh pe likha hota hai chutiya.
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Lol! Woh mainai apkai sath baithnai sai pahlai question bheja tha...xD  Saad
Hahahah bas koi naai aaj ki timing ajeeb thi meri :v
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Ap college nai aye aj?  Saad
Sooday, teraay saath hi baetha hua tha xD
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Oh yes baby. :P
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ty :)  Talha Javaid Awan
Koi masla nai :)
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Ek baat btao? Ye jeet k tna bara milna hai hou aeisay likes maangtay?
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Tbh We have never talked but you seem like a nice guy.Your display is good Mash'Allah.I like your bio (y).Stay blessed  Mehwish Khan
Hehe thankyou somuch mehwish. :')
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Followed...follow back larkay :)  Daniyal Chaudhry
Larkaay, kya main jaanta hun tumhe?
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Do you hate people?
No, what is the point in hating someone?
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Na Na Na Na Na :p
Ha ha ha ha ha ha :D
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that's cool :)
It is :')
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Tum bohat chicken ho *-*
Kha jao mujhe.
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is it a made up term or a real one? and the people in your family like your father and uncles were they in army?
It is real, no they were not in the army, in my village our tribe was the one who defended the people in quite a manner. :')
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Wo tou ho hi tum boss :')
Boss bas daekh lou xD
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what's sarara?
Family of warriors,Men who gave their live's for islam :')
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that face *_*
Im sexy and i know it :'D
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