Talha saab @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
Talha saab @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
Proud Muslim, Formanite,Passionate Paki,Dont degrade my cricket team infront of me!"In examinations, the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer" so be mature and ask nicely :) Instagram:the_sarara kik:Thesarara
Smile,or else im gonna grab your cheek and make you do it :')
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not at all 😝😝 I've no dil so os pa la ker kesa jaon
Ohh tou aap zinda kaisay hou?
Are you romantic? Why or why not?
Oh I'm very very romanchak xD
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Haha, Thank you sir :)  Salman
Koi masla hi nai sir
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mein apni pics ke editing to bilkul b nahi kerti so... apna mashvara apna pass
Hahah Baji aap tou dill pe hi laegai xD
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Haha. Thank you brother.  Hyder Sha
no problem sir
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goli maar dou :P
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What kind of watch do you wear?
*Watches :')
What kind of watch do you wear?
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like : dp rates??
okayy, karo like.
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Yup koy cake sa lrka hy ab
Wow 😲
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You are better than what she have now.
o does she? :P
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Cheap larko ky trha usko bar bar msg na kro
yaar, main kya karun? adat si hougai hai :')
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Aysham ke sath koy or hy ab Chor do uska picha
Na karo? Qasam se?
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What are you expecting from the new season of "Game of Thrones"?
Murder,Conspiracy,Politics,Sex,Mind games.
wo sab jo pichlay seasons main tha. :v
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Meiney tareef Ki thee bisti he ke di 😭
Hahaha leh, o keri feel haundi eh? 😆
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OMG kitney handsome ho 😍
Ohh 😲 clapping or you want some? 😆
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Ab tou ghaib hi hou gaye ho tum :(
tarsou tarsou xD
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Who is more Beautiful ? 1- Ayesha Khalid Geo News 2- Rabia Anum Geo news 3- Absa Komal Geo News 4- Aleena Farooq Dunya News 5- Nabeeha Ijaz Geo news 6- Neelam Yousuf ARY News
apki behan :3 sab se behtareen xD
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Search in Google 'Aarti Chabaria ' she is an indian Actress ! How do u rate beautiful Aarti ? 1. Sexy 2. Beautiful 3. Gorgeous 4. Hot 5. Appealing 6. Bakwas
time nai bhai in kaamoun ka xD
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Why are boys always interested in a girl's feet??? Reasonable opinion...
They want those feet to be their children's jannah i guess :s
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Snapchat id?????
I dont use that.
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Bg rate: 9/10 :'D  Fatima.
haha! is pae10\10 banta hai sir xD
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Like= Pick Up Line??
innaa waila nai main :P
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Single Cutie? :')
Yes,no,yes,no,no,no,yes,yes.maybe no xD
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