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THE SARARA  B| @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
THE SARARA B| @HafizTalhaTariqQureshi
19,Single,Proud Muslim, Formanite,Passionate Paki,MANCHESTER IS RED B),"In examinations, the foolish ask questions the wise cannot answer" so be mature and ask nicely :) Insta : the_sarara. kik: Thesarara
Smile,or else im gonna grab your cheek and make you do it :')
RSS answers
Thoughts: Hafiz Bhai apki height '___' (Y) Bio (Y) Manchester United? wow :'') samee you're a decent, simple, wise and respectful person! Best of luck with the exams! God bless you! :'')  Maria Yousafzai.
Hahahaha shukria so much larki :')
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What is the last song you listened to?
Tumhe dillage bhool jaani paray gi <123467889
dimaagh upar hi hai mera :@
Mera kharab na kar.
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tera Lora Kitna hai?
Apnay dimaagh ko uppar rakh meray Bhai, uddhar nai Bissau loug bathroom main saaf kartay hain :')
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Where is the best place for a vacation?
The Northern areas of our country or Switzerland
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woah.. she must be lucky. nae i feel low becoz she doesn't feel it back..doesn't regard me >. < what should i do?? just a random person asking for a random advise from ppl in love
Hahahaha, I'm sorry for that xD
Ek advice hai, do teen dafa daekho, compromise karo, still no change? Tou ussay muuh Pe sab Btao Aur phir bhool jao.
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are you in love ? with someone? just needed an advice. does love exist? i mean i feel so low sometimes
I'm in love, it does exist, it changes you,
But why do you feel low?
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
Zayada garam, tab bhi masla, zaya thanday tab bhi masla.
Banda kahan jaye? -_-
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That dp ;)!  Salman Malik
Hahahah inj na kaheda Malak Saab xD
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Sir aap tou darr kar Abbotabad bhaag gaye :D  HamzaZubair.
Betay aagya hun Wapis. Tujhay reason nai Pata.
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kik hai? :3
Bohat zaur ki, chaiye?
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balle balle
Shawa shawa
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What do you think about wrestling? Is it a source of entertainment or just violence?
Hmm i loved it though.
Sara darama hai xD
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you look like a retard -_- delte that phaaatooo :p
I am a retard, I'm feeling dizzy in my heart.
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If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
If I had money and power, there would be no poverty in my country.
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Aye lawo jee :')
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Fan of PAK ARMY? :')
fan? no. jan hai meri wo :')
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sharara sharara mein hoon ek sharara.... song acha tha :P naam us se nikala?  Mirza Belal Baig
hahaah meri jaan aiea nai hai xD
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sarara gana ?  Mirza Belal Baig
kya? :P
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Okas. I will call you vary soon. Then we da Fifa  HamzaZubair.
Hahhaha call me, and then i'll do the rape
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Number liya kay koi nai?  HamzaZubair.
Facebook profile daekh lawo paien
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Sir, kya haal chaal? :(  HamzaZubair.
Alhamdulillah :')
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First two likers get 5 likes rest get 2? Btw that dp *_*
Untick Kari I'll give you 50 :')
Makhan Dekho zara xD
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What is your biggest regret?
None, I am living my life well and I'm enjoying every single bit of it
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Itna b thanda nai hun main Ab :3
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