A N A S @HalaMadrid1
A N A S @HalaMadrid1
KSA, Al-kharj = Anti happiness
An Accountant - in love with Al-Hilal , Realmadrid and Tennis specially the "Fedal"
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What makes you wake up each morning?
DFC for now
Do you need any help?
Yes, please
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تحب بحر الشرقيه أو بحر الغربيه ؟
الهوى شرقي ~
قصدي الشرقيه أقرب
What's cool nowadays?
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في هذا الزمن كثروا كاشفات الوجه .. وش تفسيرك لهذي الظاهره ؟
تبعيه، غياب دور الرجل، انعدام الغيره..
يسبقها ضعف بالإيمان او جهل او غباء مركب
If you beleive that you're ugly enough that no man will look at you twice, plz go head and take off your cover there is no point for wearing it in the 1st place
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What's something that you would never wear?
a bra?
هل صفة (الغرور) وراثية ام مكتسبة من البيئة المحيطة ب الأنسان ؟
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If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?  Abeer
Ballboy in every match for Nadal & Federer
Have anyone complemented your singing before?  sharef
i tried my best before but...... i don't wanna talk about the feedback +_+
رأيك في الجامعات الأهليه؟
ماعندي خلفيه
What is something you think you're really good at doing?  Abeer
What's the carziest thing on your to-do-list? (If you have one)  Abeer
i don't have one ×_×
ايش المسلسلات الأخف وقعاً على نفسك : السوريه او المصريه او الخليجيه او التركيه ؟
ماتابعت شيء من اللي ذكرت
What made you happy today?
Egyption guy i had chat with
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list some of your favorite things "Including tv shows."  Abeer
well Realmadrid, Tennis, calm talk, poetries and since you mentioned TV Shows... i'd like to say "Sopranos" "Seinfeld" and i loved the french movie "Amélie" which i just finished watching it a few mins ago
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what kind of person are you?  Abeer
peace searcher
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What is your idea of paradise?
i hope i can be there
Are you afraid of the future?
kinda started
Whom have you hugged today?
my lil sister as usual, and one of my cousin
مَتىَ يلَتبسكَ الصمتَ !
إذا ماعندي شيء أقوله
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( البُعد ) .. عن ماذآ تُريد أن تبتعد ؟ = )
المملكة العربية السعودية
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كيف التدريب معك؟!
ماشي الحمدالله.. هالاسبوع وخالص
Are you scared of the dark?
umm not much
If you invented a monster what would you call it?
i will leave that to my wife, "if i had one"
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