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A N A S @HalaMadrid1
KSA, RIO & Al-kharj
An Accountant - in love with Al-Hilal , Realmadrid and Tennis specially the "Fedal"
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Do you whistle in public?
I don't know how to whistle *_*
How fast do you fall asleep?
Depends on how tired i'm
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!
Realmadrdi ❤️
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!
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Will humans ever live on another planet?
As per interstellar, yes
Post a picture of your angry face!
?Where is the question
What do you do when you don't know the answer?
I don't answer
اجمل ممثله في نظرك ،، سواء عربيه او اجنبيه او تركيه ؟>نبغى اسامي
اجنبياً كاميرون دياز في شبابها
عربياً سعاد حسني كانت ظاهره
Did you ever fall asleep in school?
Yes i did, no regrats
هل توافق / ـين ،، انه عندما يتزوج الرجل من أجنبيه تضيع فرصه من فرص زواج فتيات الوطن ؟
حلوه الوطن
فتيات الوطن ق١ ههههههه
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What's the last book you read?
قصة الإيمان بين الفلسفة والعلم والقرآن
Will you watch the Oscars?
What was the last gift you gave somebody?
How many times per day do you shower?
Usually one time, unless something happen which require another shower
Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?
What's your favorite video game?
Top Spin 4
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What do you think of makeup?
It's becoming fakeup
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هل يجب لنا ان نتالم لكي نتعلم ؟"
السعيد من وعظ بغيره
Who is your favorite author?
Jabran Khalil Jabran
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What was the last movie you watched?
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What freaks you out?
Any creature with no brain
ليه الحياة صعبه ؟
الحياة متقلبه
لم ولن تصفو لأحد
ليش لما الناس تسأل وش تلبسين عباية الرأس أو الكتف ما يكون فيه جواب؟
هههههههههههههه استغفر الله
هناك اشخاص هوايتهم ( التحطيم ).. كيف نتعامل معهم؟
اذا تشوف هواة التحطيم وتعطيهم حجم بحياتك
فأنت من هواة الدراما
What do you order at Starbucks?
I don't go to Starbucks much often, not cool huh ~_•
What was the best movie of 2014?
Interstiller ❤️
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