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Hanna Doswell @Handoz14
Hanna Doswell @Handoz14
I love my bestfriend Tia smith and my boy harry<3
Amuse or abuse bitches
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plans for tomorrow?
Chilling in da morn with the bestie then my boy is coming up mine with Tia's 'boy' hen off out for a bit then back to mine with my sites Tia and Abbie McDowell for a rew drinks hehe
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What are the most comfortable shoes?
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What have you been thinking about lately?
Harry chandler
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who do you think you are taking a picture with my dweeb jumper on;)?!xo
Hanna doswell lol, I know, I'm cheeky;)xo
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omg. okay:)
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Omg follow me on twitter handoz11
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answer thennnnnnnnn
To what?
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ring meeeeeeeee xxxx
On what phone?xxx
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are you defenitly coming round though? if your not id rather you just say xxxxx
Yeah but just by yet xxxxxxx
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will you be here by 1 cause i dont like being in the house alone when no ones in:(:(?xxxxxx
I don't have a clue xxxxxxx
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hahahaha "show us your boobs" okay dun dun dun dun na fuck you! hurry up omg you need to cheer your bestfriend up:(:( xxxxxxxx
On how funny xxxxxxxx
i have 7 questions asking for me & you do answer by doing vr they're so funny omg hurry up;):p xxxxx
Omg last night ahahaha cxxxxxxxx
you coming round or not?xxxxxx
Not yet xxxxxxx
where are you going today then?xxxxx
It doesn't matter now xxxxxxxx
do a video showing your bra:D
Um no?
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Not going to call you "hot" haha you're pretty :)
Hahaan aw thank you xx
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upload a pic of you
You'll have to ask ‎@tiasmithh cause I'm on her iPad and it doesn't let me
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you're stunning, dress smart, i trust you with everything, make me laugh, my bestfriend ! x x x
Thanks baby <3
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You are with a year 11 and that's just sick in itslef but he also looks like a camels arsehole he's vile
How do you know what a camels arsehole looks like, and don't matter what years he's in, obvs jel if you have to comment on it?:/
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Favourite cams girls?
Karis Igoe
Lauren Coombs
Izzy rogers
Paige nash
Hannah Barton
Loads more
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you're a top slut doswell !
Thank you very much bbz
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how much do you give suckys out for?
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Yeah, NO! meet me at portchester precinct at 4pm
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i think you and tia should come round mine and both give me a sucky
Come off anon then?!
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