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Anyone you miss?
Quite a few people
roses are red violets are silly grease up your flaps here comes my willy.
Agh no
Here's a reminder for you - you're an incredible person, keep smiling, and spread the love. I want to keep this anonymous, so don't ask who this is. This post is to let you know that someone out in this big world actually cares and loves you xx
Sweetie ❤️
Please baby take me back
Probs not
or romeo and juliet or titanic i LOVE leonardo dicaprio
Hey leo
If I gave you $20, what percentage would you – really – save? If I gave you $200,000, what percentage would you save? Should there be a difference?
Too hard
Have you ever played golf?
Who sent the last text message you received?
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if anyone lays a finger on Hannah you're a dead cunt xoxo  Madi Bradley
Awh mads xx
Yeah you can aha
Ps your going to get bashed at hers :)
Can't wait
What are you drinking at hers? X
I don't even know if we can?
let it go let it go cant hold it back anymore let it go let it go something something i dont know the words
What makes a person rich?
how can you move on to another guy so fast like really having a guy as a backup while you are dating someone is just wrong maybe that's why you haven't been able to have a long normal relationship without being a slut to keep the guy with you
HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF I'm crying. I didn't have a back up guy...and I've only just moved on...besides it's been a month...guiseppe started dating a new chick the week after we broke up mate...rant at him not me
Are you going to Madi Bradley's?
Yep :)))
Yeh I am, hope you like my porche
Oh I think I've seen it round
Oh hey  Phoebe scarlet wiggins
Hi, are you you new?
U r so incredibly beautiful and I actual wish I was u cause ur so halarious and ur always smiling and laughing and oh my I can't even- I'm so lucky ur at school :)) xoxoxo
You rock. People like you are the reason I'm always smiling. Inbox me xxx
What's on your summer reading list?
does bailey have ask?
Hi my name is Hagoori. You don't know me but I'm here because I want to tell you something very important: You're special. You're amazing. You're perfect! Now keep smiling because your smile is priceless.. God blessed you <3 Have a good day :) Take care.  Hagoori
Aw. You rock
Da endrmin r buhind u. Foughts on dimend bloks?
Go away Harry