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Have you ever played golf?
Yesterday in PE actually, miss cheeseman owes me a chocolate
Thoughts on
Thanks sweet
Would u fuck Brayden?
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Probably business cause we just fuck off cheese
What is the most dangerous animal?
Dylan is too good for you
That Dylan bloke is so hot #jealous
we broke up :(
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What happened to hamish? are you still friends?
No. He hates me a lot.
hi lol  Braeden Farrell
Thanks for answering your phone the 462719296 times I've called you
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Relationship status at the moment ?? xx
It's complicated hahaha
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Thoughts on Izzy Langley x
I love her so much, she was one of my bestfriends ever, and I miss her so so much
I'm scary
I'll be okay. Message me
I messages you, but you "seen" me
Message me again, I won't seen you
No idea pal
Message me plz
Yeh cause I know who you are
Hella cute
Says you
You are a qt
Haha thankyou, inbox me
Do you love anyone right now
Best thing/ person/pet you've ever had?
Honestly, Guiseppe hahaha
Look at your inboxes then you always message me then don't reply  Jacob Page- Strachan
It won't let me inbox you
reply to your fucking inbox  Jacob Page- Strachan
You never inboxed me
screenshot of fb inboxes?
Why are you so obsessed with me?
screenshot of fb inboxes?
your a bannana  Jacob Page- Strachan
Hahaha thankyou
has he told you that he wants sexual stuff? do you want that?
Haha don't you worry your pretty little head, we have the perfect ratio of everything. :)
not even kidding, good luck he can be the biggest dick watch out x
Aha, well so far he's the sweetest guy I know, but I'll keep that in mind.