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Hannah Carne @HannahCarne
Ask away child
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Your one bundle of joy my darling! Your one crazy girl and that's what I love. We need to catch up soon and grab a spring roll or 2! x
Miss you Patrick xx
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And yes you did because you stated "but don't you have a girlfriend? xxx" good try sweet
This is either jake or someone that is way to involved in his life, try not to be jealous. It was a year ago, move on :)
I don't think we've ever met before but I'm gonna say hot :)  Tristan Sprumont
Cheers aha
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You stalk other ppls ask fm and facebook and add them coz u like to fuck around please stop for the love of god
I have no idea what you're talking about hahahaha what. Please learn to spell sweet
You were tuning him whilst he had a girlfriend and they broke up because of it
Bitch I didn't know he had a girlfriend, and he tuned be back lol
Stop fucking talkin to ppl u dont know
What is happening
And of course you know that jakes a good kisser
What's that meant to be mean haha
Hahahah you are dating Connor Walsh :')
Why is that funny?
in bed with me ;)  Connor Walsh
Where do you like to read?
Do you consider yourself popular or a nerd? Or neither?  Gregers Krohn
Have to say I'm pretty popular
Show us your inboxes
Show us your inboxes
Ugly? Hahahaha  Jake Hanson
Aha I kid sweet
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Thoughts on Jake Hanson?
Havnt spoken in a year, he's really nice; quite ugly good kisser though
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Turn ons?
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
If you had seen Bailey's story a while back you'd know the answer to that
thoughts on hamish lark X?
He's aight, we went through a fair bit of shit, we still have some stuff to work out, he always tells me he loves me even though he's going out with some chick in year 7. He's nice though
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thoughts: you're out of my league, you're cute an sweet an gorgeous, see me soon x  Connor Walsh
Cutie, inbox silly xxx
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i'm not weird so thanks
Inbox me and I'll tell you
Is it a school in town?
Oh my god you're weird
because I obviously want to know. would ask him but would be weird so
Just ask him
What would you name your first child?
please say
Why are you so interested?
Is it Cornerstone?
Haha no
What school is Henry Barker moving to?
Why do you care? Wtf
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