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Hannah Carne @HannahCarne
Ask away child
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Turn ons?
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
If you had seen Bailey's story a while back you'd know the answer to that
thoughts on hamish lark X?
He's aight, we went through a fair bit of shit, we still have some stuff to work out, he always tells me he loves me even though he's going out with some chick in year 7. He's nice though
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thoughts: you're out of my league, you're cute an sweet an gorgeous, see me soon x  Cöñńör wäłśh
Cutie, inbox silly xxx
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i'm not weird so thanks
Inbox me and I'll tell you
Is it a school in town?
Oh my god you're weird
because I obviously want to know. would ask him but would be weird so
Just ask him
What would you name your first child?
please say
Why are you so interested?
Is it Cornerstone?
Haha no
What school is Henry Barker moving to?
Why do you care? Wtf
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Keen on anyone
Yep yep yep
What is your biggest regret?
Guiseppe Britton
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Thoughts on Finin?
Such a sweet guy, so attractive and funny :)
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Who do you like?
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Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
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What is your favorite season?
Is that even a question? I'm a snowboarder...obviously summer
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Love you nugget
Love you too sweet x
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What did the last text message you sent say?
"Sorry I'm a creamy plant specialist"
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inbox me! :)  Justis Woodland™
Inbox me
thoughts? :)  Justis Woodland™
You just added me on Facebook and I don't know who you are. You look real cute though
why did u take down the vid??
Didn't get enough likes
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i bet its not nice, idk
You're gonna have to wait and see
dont post it on Facebook!!!! its not a very nice movie
what do u mean u made a movie bout me?????????
You'll see, if you're friends with me on Facebook, keep a look out