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Thoughts on that Zachary Fraser kid
Such a good kid, so much in common, miss him a lot.
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What is your favorite candy?
Connor Walsh
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What is your dream job?
Paediatric surgeon
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Did you fuck Callum Davies?
Hahaha, where'd you hear that?
What was the go with you and that Zachary Fraser kid??
Fuck knows
What do you like to cook?
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What holiday gift would make you really happy?
Connor Walsh
That's Mint  Connor Walsh
More like ginger bread
What do you like to have for breakfast?
Kanst du gut Deutsch sprechen?
Can you Frick off
3 reasons why Connor is the best.
Why are you so obsessed with us
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Can you speak german?
Yes? Wtf
Where were you born?
You are so weird
Who do you like?
Probably my boyfriend but Idk
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Thoughts on Jamie Oliver?
Good cook
Thoughts on Connor?
He's alright
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thoughts on Luke?
Luke who?
What would you do if connor killed you?
I dunno cause I'd be dead
Should I kick it?
I wouldn't
why does my dog vibrate when I touch it? It makes this growling noise as well.
Oh my god better not
What would you do if Connor had a vagina?
You'd know Aaron
What is the best thing to do on a first date?
Be Connor Walsh
Do you even lift?
Frick off Aaron
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Body pic please
Haha no
Do you miss Izzy
Not going to lie, I do