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ho on eva bonner ?X
She's gorg so funny love her x
ho on me - cara
Cara who?
Where do you keep Mia?
In my garden aha
Ho on your boyfriend?
He's just amazing.
Ho Cieran dunne?
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha , no.
Best s1 friends ?
Who would Emma Newton b cute with
A dunno Morgan??
Ho on Alan Cramb
Seems nice don't talk though
ho on brayden d
He's lovely one of my best pals can tell him absolutely anything he's good looking and hilarious x
ho Ross Connelly?
He's so lovely great to talk to can tell him anything he's so trustworthy in most of my classes always cheers me up he's easy though he's hot love him, he thinks he's smarter and stronger than me though:/x
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ho conor whitehead?
He's hilarious we started talking again today he's good to talk to good looking and trustworthy x
ho callum sheridan?
He's lovely hilarious good to talk to good looking don't talk anymore though x
ho joshua rae?
He's lovely funny good to talk to does a creepy Peado smile though x
how do I know if I'm in love?
It's one of these things you'll know it when you are
I'm a freshman and this guy, Jake, is a senior. I'm not sure, but I think he likes me. He defends me when the bully is bullying me, he is the first one to say hi when I walk into our drama class, and he talks to me most of the time. How can I tell if he does? I like him too :).
Well i'v actually had the same situation aha but honestly he's a bit to old maybe? If you like him talk to him don't seem desperate or anything, ask him first and see what he says, remember it's your life not anyone else's
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Who are ur girl bestpal/s xxx
Abbie and Anna x
ho on anna making z
She's gorgeous so lovely one of my best friends can tell her anything she's hilarious good to talk to love her xx
ho on chantelle lauder ?X
We don't talk anymore
Ho on div?
We made up he's lovely and funny
I am sorry
What for ?
Friends you miss?
No one really ?
ho Joshua rae?x
He's lovely funny good to talk to good memories but it's hilarious when you ask him what does that mean
Ho Ashleigh Crawford?
Lovely gorgeous getting closer again hilarious had a good day with her but she's bad at zombies x
Best friends in your form class boys and girls
hannah, you are my mental faces partner;).