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Hello everybody,

For personal reasons, I have made a final decision to stop this page.

I will not be answering any more questions on here, however if you do need me you can kik me and I will still DEFINITELY help you on there! My kik: wishuponastarxo

I want all of my followers to listen to this song:

It applies to every single one of you! And this song:

You are ALL fighters and I know every single one of you is strong enough to win any battle you may be fighting! I promise you, none of you are alone! I will always be here for everyone, I’m just a single kik message away! And if you think nobody cares, then think again because I 1000% care about every single one of you!

Stay strong my lovelies! Thank you to everyone who asked me questions and helped my page to run smoothly! I really enjoyed helping everyone out and I know that you are all strong enough to keep going! I will be leaving my page up forever so that if you need to look at some past answers then they will always be here, but I won't be answering any more questions! I love all of you, every single person! Please don't ever give up because no matter what anybody says, I promise you IT DOES GET BETTER! I know pain is an awful thing to have to deal with, but I can guarantee that it will not last forever! You are all going to fight any war you may be faced with and you will all come out of the other end as an even stronger and an even more beautiful person! Recovery is the best feeling in the world and I promise you can get there!

''Life is like a piano. The white keys represents happiness and the black keys show sadness. But as you go through life's journey, remember that the black keys make music too'' ~ that is my favourite quote. Everything happens for a reason and I promise no matter what happens, in the end everything will be okay! Just keep your head up and keep your heart strong! Don’t let anybody bring you down because you are so much better than them! Stay strong, stay beautiful and stay perfect! I love everyone one of you, always and forever<3 xo

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Hi, sorry I haven't been on for a few days I've been so busy! xo

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Im feeling really down today. In august my sister moved to Cali, I call her and talk to her, but that makes me miss her more, we skype too. I feel like theres nothing left to do, we're so far away from each other, calling her and talking to her just reminds me of how much I miss her voice. HELP?!!

It is hard when someone close to you moves away, but I'm am sure you will still be able to see her sometime! I know talking to her makes you miss her, but at least she is still here for you! It has only been about a month so I can understand if you are still feeling down but time is the best healer! Maybe tell her you miss and and try to organise a time to meet up? xo

share our page please? ask us if you need help!:) i'm online all dayy if anyone needs me!!your all doing a great job:) stay strong everyone!!- princess <3 x x x ☯Smile + Be Strong αℓωαуѕ!☯

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Hello, how are you? xo

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We have decided we want to change our name, the options are: Here to Help or Support for You. Could you send us a question NOT answer with which one you think is better if you don't mind, just because we need to count late? If you would like to have a say, feel free, it is completely up to you!:) Support for you❤️

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Can you please share our page because we are currently looking for a new admin?! Thank you!xxx

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Everyone ask me questions I'm bored! Madison

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Theres a girl on my sports team and today at practice her dad yelled at her for doing something wrong so she came up to me and said that he's gonna be screaming all night at her. She also said that he hits her but he hasn't done it in a while. She told me not to tell anyone but I feel like I have to

If this is the first time you have heard about this, I wouldn't say anything just yet. Try speaking to this girl again and see if you can find out a little bit more, if she is being abused by her parents (even if it doesn't happen often) it would be best to tell someone, maybe a teacher at school who you trust xo

this boy is in my class and i have liked him for ages, he used to go out with my best friend and i still fancy him were hardly not in any lessons together becuase we got different subjects what shall i do?

If you aren't in lessons together, then maybe try hanging around him at lunch and break times in order to get closer to him. Maybe speak to your best friend about this and see how she feels about it too xo

ANYONE ALIVE????? God ask fm dead today or everyone just ignoring me x Courtney

Hi, sorry, I'm here now xo

Aww, thank you :) Aaron

Welcome sweetheart xo

Your opinion on me? Aaron

Seem like a really kind person and you are very beautiful too xo


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