Opinions on me?asking everyone i follow! Paige:*

Don't know you
You seem nice

is that you riding your bike?


Boobs or bum?

Personality more

Tanned or pale girls?

Don't mind tbh


If i knew who you were then maybe

How often do you think about your future?

A lot recently

you're hot

Thank you

Do you hug your best friend


Opinion on @oliviarosetayx and @lilywaltersxxxx jadens obsessed with them LOL!!

Well I'm sure he has a reason because they are both beautiful girls, I've spoken to Olivia before and she's lovely and a beautiful girl, I've never spoken to Lily but she seems lovely and she is beautiful too!

Your so gorgeous, I still can't get over it!

Thank you! I'm sure you're gorgeous too!

Upload a picture of you?

do spam for spam?


Yeah no problem, that's fine cutie xx

thank you beautiful xx

Oi you, where's my fan sign;)xx

oh yeah can I do it tomorrow morning before I go to school? xx

Like = 10 likes?

K then

Upload that pic again and if you get more than 10 likes you're perfect/hot/gorgeous/beautiful


Likers get rate?

Like = rate

You seem lovely so hot , who wouldnt be interested xxxx

Many girls xxxx

Your the perfect one here xxxx!!

No way xxxx

Paha your joking i would be interested;) xxx

how is that possible, someone as perfect as you would be interested in me xx

I know a few who are, open your eyes boy

aha thankyou my eyes are open

Why are you single????

No girl is interested in me probably




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