Harry Styles® @HarryCoxStyles
Harry Styles® @HarryCoxStyles
London,United Kingdom
What does the Fox say? Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow
http://us12.chatzy.com/55779987181186 this is the best CHATZY
My BFF: @LuisaHoran215+Cara Delevigne

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ahah good humour about banana  Jeanne ✌
Thanks hahaha.x
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Are you wearing socks right now? Post a picture.
Here u goo .x
Are you wearing socks right now? Post a picture.
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Thank u<3 .xx
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Wishing you health,happiness and love on your special day and always! Have a wonderful Birthday!♥♥♥♥ #HappyBirthdayHarry  Pink Fluffy Unicorn
Thank u<3 .xx
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3 interesting facts about yourself? ask something back? also follow me? i already follow you(:?  Andy Sean
I love my banana,I love Directioners,I LOVE MY FAMILY<3 haha .xx
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You are the reeeeal banana ?  Jeanne ✌
My banana is sleeping haha .x
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Do you have a kik? I'm talking to "you" but idk if it the REAL you  Kendall Potts
Yes i have .x
Chatzy? The one in your bio?  Summer Rose
Now? .xx
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Hey Harry  Summer Rose
Hey,My Demz .x
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hiixx  taran louise styles
Hiiiiiiii .x
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Hello !  Chloe Mauduit
Hi! .x
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Yo! Harry how you doin;)  Cassie Brown
Hey :) just busy .x
sveiki visi sekami noreciau kad ikeltumet savo graziause nuotrauka :)  black
What? .x
You are 100%Real (✔)  Real (✔) Or Fake (✗)
Than ya! Love ya!! <3 .x
hey harrrehhh  i wish you were here with me
Heey :)x
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Heyy banana  Jeanne ✌
Hey ,haha .x
Hi Harry! Here and only a BoyDirection... I Love You! I know you're eager to come to brazil hahaha ... I'm from brazil  Harry Styles
I Love Brazil! .x
Yeah? .x
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Hey harry plz follow me ‎@Xoxmccall and merry christmas  ChelseylynnPayne
#Followed ;) .x
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Hi ! Im extided for the new album , gonna see ya next year again in Copenhagen im Swedish but i live in the south ! The city is Malmö  StylesIskra✔
Just wait :) haha xx
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Hola personas preciosas. Que sepáis que sois lo más bonito del mundo, sin ninguna duda. ¿Cual es la frase más bonita o que más os ha marcado? ¿Y el mejor consejo que te han dado? Inserta foto si quieres de algo que te encante. Love, always  Summer
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Do u have a gf ? :)  Taylor Bieber #Juju
I'm single,also it mean: No,i really don't have gf for now :) are u happy? xx
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Hi , What do think in me Real or fake ?  Soeun-ssii ®[√]
I think Real :)x
Comee to Bosnia pleasee .<3333333333 There's more Directioners than you can imagine  Nedžla
Okay,I would come in your wildest dreams :)x
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