Hayes Grier @HayesGrierr7
Hayes Grier @HayesGrierr7
North Carolina
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I honestly already consider you a magcon boy. Ily
Oh well I am a Magcon boy but thanks
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Will you marry me?
Sure. I need a wifey(;
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Hi I'm curious and I'm a guy and have issues with cutting what should I do?
Talk to me bro
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could you trust a fan with your number?
No, things spread like wildfire
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If you answer me I'll stop cutting forever
Please don't self harm. It makes me sad thinking that beautiful people like yourselves cut. I know it is hard, but you gotta fight through it and try, just try. Keep your head up and don't hurt yourself. You don't need to because somebody loves you beautiful.
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Your so cute ♡
Your so sweet
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Goodnight posts  Hayes Grier
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I love your eyes!
Thanks I get them from my dad. Thank him(:
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<3 (sent to the people i follow)
Like for a <3 on your wall
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Do it for the vine!  ♥B♥R♥E♥E♥Z♥Y♥
I ain't gonna do it
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I love u:*
I love you too:*
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Like for a good morning post
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Tbh; I love you hahaha you probably get this a lot. Your so funny and just make everyone smile. Ily❤️  Star
Awh ilyt gorgeous
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What are all of your real instagrams  Abby
Just hayes_instagram! Go follow me if you haven't yet!
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Your my wallpaper❤️❤️❤️  Ryanna Moore
Awh cute
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can I just say... I'm kinda in love with you.. (;  Isabella ❤️
I'm in love with all my fans too:*
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Ask gf?  Hayes Grier
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Can I be you girlfriend?;)
Yes. Like if you want to be my gf?
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Goodnight posts? Like  Hayes Grier
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what's your ig
Thanks guys for 2327 followers on here! Like this for a follow!
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Do you have a girlfriend?
Yeah! You!!
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Hayes I like u ok? Ok
I need a valentine. :( like if you wanna be mine!
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Will you you go out with me Hayes?❤️❤️
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Is your birthday June 8th?  Kamryn Corbin
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