Hayes Grier @HayesGrierr7
Hayes Grier @HayesGrierr7
North Carolina
Instagram: hayes_instagram Vine: Hayes Grier Email: HayesGrierBusiness@gmail.com
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Can u add me on snapchat?
sure comment your snapchats and I will add you guys!
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Who are you talking to rn
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Snapchat meee?
new snapchat !!! hayez.grier everyone add me
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---  Hayes Grier
I need a wcw :( anyone wanna be it? like and I'll pick 3 lucky girls
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---  Hayes Grier
tomorrow Cameron Nash carter and I will be prank calling 10 people. like this and comment your numbers, and maybe we will choose you (:
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Would u ever prank call ur fans, but block ur number?
•like this if you would want me to prank call you•
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FINISH IT: first things first i’m-
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followed love  Jøѕєρнιηє ηιcσℓε
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-  Hayes Grier
like this answers, send send your name with an @ sign for an honest opinion! doing some (:
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Hayes i love you soo much❤️
like this
Hayes i love you soo much❤️
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Selfie?  Maci
add nash on snapchat to see us post about what we are doing. his snapchat is nashgrier
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Is yo bro gay
not at all
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pap babe
like this and I will comment on all of you walls
pap babe
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Can I be your ask gf? (:
yeah I need an ask girlfriend. any takers. if so like(: and I'll pick one
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Actually I'm gay so I'm not homophobic. Your brother said that HIV was a gay thing. That's homophobic.
uh he's not homophobic but hey nice try.
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caught myself a fish
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Would you date a fan who is 14
considering I'm 14, yes I would date someone my age.
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What grade are you going into?
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Hayes you are my only sorce of happiness thank you so much you saved my life and I couldn't thank you enough for that.
Awh I love all my fans. like for a ❤️ on your wall
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like this and I will comment on your wall  Hayes Grier
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Selfie of u rn if you are real
Selfie of u rn if you are real
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Will you marry me✌
yes like if you wanna marry me❤️
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.  Hayes Grier
like this for a rate
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