Lez In Love @HeartBrokenLez
Lez In Love @HeartBrokenLez
In the closet...
Just a heartbroken teen lesbian.♀+♂=♥ ♀+♀=♥ ♂+♂=♥ Love is love. Don't judge. #HeartBroken #femme
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You're perfect.
I'm not. But thank you.
What's your biggest fear?
Spiders. And honestly any type of bug.
Best kisser so far?
This girl Kayla. I must say... softest. lips. ever.
Why do you keep thinking these messages are you EX?? I'm pretty sure your ex wants nothing to do with u lol they r an ex for a reason lol (:
lol yeah I gotchu.
I hope you feel better :)
Thank you love :) <3
It's nottttt ..
I'm sorry.... but like idk why i'm really doubting it.
U just said you know who and its not your ex..?
idk. is it my ex?
It's your ex
Why are you on my ask?
How the hell can I be someone you know?! I don't live where your from ha haa
I'm so confused right now??
I know who, But i'm not gonna say...
Who am I? Lol
You tell me... lol.
You're so beautiful...
No no. hahaa but thank you
Are these on anon awk
.... okay? lol. I know who you are I think.
Back it upppp
uh..? lol?
I love you.
Love you more :)
I rather not lol sowwieee
lol why not?
I know that's why I called you it my baby
lol aw. you should message me :)
You are amazing what's the problem I don't get it
I'm not amazing. But thank you :) and what do you mean?
I know you do babygirl..
I haven't been called babygirl in like, forever...
Your perfect babe
Thank you love<3
Are you on any medications?
Yes I am!
It's ok baby
I love being called that!!
One of your followers.. Lol
lol I gotchu. I'm sorry :(
You want personal questions so I ask them and some never get answered.. Why
Some I don't feel comfortable asking. I mean feel free to ask them again. Who are you, btw?
How's your day/ night? :)
It's okay so far :)
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