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H'SA'WES❤️. @Helmi18
Somke Weed And Fly Babyh ;$~
RSS answers
Lw 67tu fe n9 almall esh 7tswo=));"(??  Wes
Ma Aswe Shy Aswy Nfsi Mt3wr ;$
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Afz3llk ? <3
La Shukrrn Ma Ygdr Ymd Ydh ☺
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*Following* Shi feek must7eel yt3'yr?.  Dede.
6ebt glby :$
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a7snlk tb3d 3n wes 3shan ma tnjld zy ma sarlk f redsea =))))))!!!
عندك هرج ؟ طلع يوزرك ;)
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Ana jacket ana bluver ana 7aja mrra over :$=))!
lamborghini meen? eli wra?  AT.
Grebi ;$
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WES Shayfa Albshr kulhm ? A7bbikk Kthrhm :(<33
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Ad3oli D3wa mn glb: -MyFollowing-.  Sz.
Yarb tt7gg amaneki w yser eli tubeeh , wy7f9'ik :(<33
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Any fanpage :(</3 ?
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Abuk/ii Esh ygrblk?  Dede.
Zuj omi w abu a5wya ;$
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Fav Reasturant, Fav Colour ?*MyFollowing*  Sz.
Color : Red-Blue ;(<3333
Reasturant : South Street , Romaway , Baik ;(<33
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At3shetu;$?7baybii Entu Lazm at6mn 3lekm.  Dede.
La Lssa ;$
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Shoftk f red c ktkoooott '$$:(
Umma ? :o=))
6yb 6l3i user ;$
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*MF*Don't forget to read Al,kahf<3.  Dede.
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La jd wes 5wytk ?
6l3 user w agulk ya5i ;$
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Taken m3 Wes ?
User .
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هيه انت؟ ايوة انت احبك =)  RANA☆.
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Talk about someone you love ?
WES . Words cant describ Her ❤️❤️❤️
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عيونك جنة الدنيا وباقي تفاصيلك نعيم ♡.  RANA☆.
Glbbyyy . Thnq
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صورة:  RANA☆.
Say Mashallah Please
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-Ashya ttmnoha fe azwajkm w zwjatkm-MyFollowing-:  Sz.
Tl3b Fifa w call of duty ❤️
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عندك حب ولا احبك؟ =))*للفولو والله للفولو*  RANA☆.
I have =))
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كيفك يا بضان ؟؟
بضان ؟
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D3wa l,omk?*MyFollowing*.  Sz.
rbbi y5leha lyy w y7f9'ha <3333
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3ndk page on ask wla la?.  Dede.
la ma 3endi :( !
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