Chikorita! @HeroicRein
Chikorita! @HeroicRein
Top 16 at VGC Nationals + being able to sing. I am set for life. ;o
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
I have no clue as my birthday isn't until next September. >_>"
Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
They do... Have you ever paid attention to animals?
Wait, I just read you were in the top 16 of the nationals!?  Shiny Swalot
Yep, Australian VGC Nationals.
MOMENTAI (:3)  Tiki
That's the 2nd time but MOMENTAI FOR THE WIN!
MOMENTAI (did I already send this?)  Tiki
you want to?  Shiny Swalot
What is in the center of the world?
The Earth's core, duh.
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Good luck to those people, then.  Tiki
They most likely need it.
You seen my shiny Chiko already?  Shiny Swalot
Nope. ._.
Yo, Remember me  leafme
Did you know?: Cordelia can use every weapon (not counting Beast- and Dragonstones, obviously) through reclassing? -Sword: Mercenary -Lance: Pega. Knight -Axe: Hero -Bow: Bow Knight -Tomes: Dark Mage -Staves: Falcon Knight  Riki
Wow, that is some nice trivia.
I wonder if people actually take screamo singing lessons...  Tiki
I wouldn't be surprised...
Magic = B/Special Attacks. Bronze Sword = A/Physical attacks/Smash attacks (Only if Levin Sword is unavailable)  Riki
Ah, looks alright.
I couldn't help but read your question about FE:A's popularity, but I think it's because of Robin and Lucina joining Smash.  Riki
Can Robin use magic and his Bronze Sword in smash? (Sad that he has a Bronze Sword and not a Silver Sword.)
Good idea. It sounds so awful, it'd probably wreck your voice or something.  Tiki
That's almost a guarantee.
How do you usually express your emotions?
Umm... I guess I just say flat-out how I feel?
Do you sing more like an angelic little child, or a heavy-metal screamer? xD  Tiki
In between those.
Also, I would never try singing heavy-metal.
I see. Good night then.  Riki
Maybe some coffee or sugar? I heard that it gives you a boost, though I can't confirm that myself... (I don't drink coffee, I'm more of a tea person...)  Riki
Nah, it is very late here so I reckon I should sleep. <-- Screenshot to make things more clear. Maybe take a little nap? If you have enough time that is... What is VGC anyway?  Riki
It's 11:02 PM here. Dx
VGC is the official Pokémon Video Game Championships.
I used my phone, which has more characters then on a keyboard (like that black dot).  Riki
That makes sense.
Argh, I'm tired but I need to get ready for VGC.
\ • . • /  Riki
How did you make that face? ._.