Chikorita! @HeroicRein
Chikorita! @HeroicRein
Top 16 at VGC Nationals + being able to sing. I am set for life. ;o

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Post a picture of your favorite movie!
How about no?
So, how've you been lately then?  FLORINA
Decent, you?
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
I wouldn't have a clue.
Yum yum...  FLORINA
Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
I don't have A favourite.
We could always persuade her to make us some Pegasus pie... >:3  FLORINA
Evil thoughts... It would taste nice though.
Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
Though, I'm not too sure that everyone has had both unicorn and bear meat...though I could be wrong. xD  FLORINA
Well, then can always cook Sumia's Pegacorn(?) and try it. >_>
If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?
A breathing device that would last indefinitely.
Frederick probably agrees with you.  FLORINA
Yep, he probably would.
Then again, everyone would.
What is your favorite sport to play?
I hope it's very yummy... owo ..waaaaait........  FLORINA
It was delicious, to be quite honest.
Unicorn meat is better than bear meat.
What kind of shoes do you wear the most?
Wait, wut? I forgot to wish you happy birthday!? D: ...Well...HAPPY (slightly late) BIRTHDAYYY!! My gift to you is a pet unicorn. *throws you le unicorn* ;w;  FLORINA
Thanks Shineh!
Mmm.... Unicorn meat.
What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
I have no clue as my birthday isn't until next September. >_>"
Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
They do... Have you ever paid attention to animals?
Wait, I just read you were in the top 16 of the nationals!?  Shiny Swalot
Yep, Australian VGC Nationals.
That's the 2nd time but MOMENTAI FOR THE WIN!
MOMENTAI (did I already send this?)  FLORINA
you want to?  Shiny Swalot
What is in the center of the world?
The Earth's core, duh.
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Good luck to those people, then.  FLORINA
They most likely need it.