Chikorita! @HeroicRein
Chikorita! @HeroicRein
I am a very good singer, I will not do requests though, however. Music, music, music and shtuff. oh wait! and more music.
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I've been listening to Aqua a lot lately... o_o  Easter Munchies
Oh yeah, I never answered that rifle question, did I? The answer was your eyes.  Easter Munchies
Huh? 0.o
Oh well... XD  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
Momentai all around.
No, I didn't... I already send you that picture when I started. XD  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
Oh. I never visit Ask that's why I screwed up. xD
Look how things change: I'm the single one and you have a girlfriend xD  ITANI
I haven't really asked you anything that I would consider offensive. I try not to.  Klizcool
I know that you would not, no need to worry.
Alright then.  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
Over what length of time have you been getting questions from "me"?  Klizcool
The last few months.
Want to trade 3DS friend codes? Mine is: 0834 - 2469 - 5418  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
Sure but I'll give you my FC on Serebii as at the time of posting my 3DS XL is completely flat. :/
Does it seem like I'm being a dick? I apologize. I never meant for anything I said to come across as rude. That's not how I roll. Unless there is someone imitating me. In which case, let's gang up on 'em!  Klizcool
You're not being a dick, I was just legitimately wondering about if that stuff was serious.
I'll have my 3ds by tomorrow Tuesday, but ACNL will take up to 5-7 days to be delivered...  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
I see, that is good news.
No, there wasn't...
What product or service do you think is ridiculously overpriced?
Apple iPods, iPhones etc. and Holden.
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Do you know what kik is?  Klizcool
No, I do not.
Is the middle of the night, youre in bed asleep, and a relative knocks on the door. You are going to make your relative a sandwich. You have honey, jam, butter and chocolate spread. What do you open first?  Easter Munchies
You open the door first?
What is your favorite non-social networking website?
I have a favourite???
Do you prefer rivers, lakes or oceans?
On a day like today... ANY WOULD DO ;-----;
I think I also have a C. He tried to get my like count to 69...  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
How is Kid Icarus: Uprising going?  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
I actually haven't touched it for a while. 0_0
I think he A: Now expects me to like all of his stuff or B. Was being very generous.  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
Unfortunately, I think it's A.
I just got 24 likes from this one person. What the f---? 0_o ((I apologize for the language.))  Fancy Creepy Pikachu
That is weird. 0_0