you 174!!!!!


How tall are you?


Do you want to get to know someone on Twitter? I mean people who you're following them

Yeah sure some of them

Tall girls or short?


try to be okay

Doing my best

how are you?

Not okay.. Studying and sleeping at the same time

Which you prefer girls with long hair or short?

the longer the hair the more i like her

Why would someone make you fall in love with them because of their caring and other things but all of sudden they stop caring and make you hang in between knowing nothing about what you should do?!!

I guess somepeople are just like that.. Somepeople cant live without caring for someone.. Once they find another one to care for.. They simply leave.

I don't know why, when someone seen my message or they are online and don't reply unless after two days or something .. It really bothers me so bad and maybe I would remove them from FB and stuff if they did over again!

We are all like this. If someone doesn't reply then they don't care.

hwa ele by3ml fake likes aw fake followers da yb2 ahbl wesh s7😂🔫

Yeah there is no need ya3ne.. We use twitter for taking out stuff that bothers us.. Not for some likes or rts

Yeah but there's a huge difference between ordinary talk and talking about these stuff with passion like they would do it over again,even if they are telling me i regret doing it now on other hand they love talking about it badly.i know when someone regret something they don't talk about it that way

So yeah maybe eventually he will do it all over again.. And feel regret all over again.

See the thing here that you can't imagine the mentality of an addictive person. They shouldnt be getting high by heroin or coc.. They addict every single thing even people and for them leaving that and moving away is pretty hard.

When someone came to you and tell you about his dirty stuff which he was used to do it but he telling he's now no longer doing it, i'm not that type of judgement people but it seems like he love talking about these stuff with passion which means he's no over it yet right?

Everyone has his own demons and maybe yeah he likes these stuff and yes maybe he still does.. But he is trying hard not to do them.. So listen to them when they talk about it..
Some people are kinda addictive and can't stop thinking about stuff they were once addicted to.
I guess you should respect that he is just talking about it not doing it.

Do you drink alcohol or smoke weed?

Thats way too confidential.

It's bad when you leave someone without explanation right? But what if you did that because you have talked a lot about what bothers you and in return nothing change

Yeah sometimes it is better to just leave.

Can you post a picture of your tattoo?

This is kinda clear pic of it.. It is an arm band of a dragon

You follow people on Twitter based on what?

Whether they think the same way as me or not.. Or they are spammy tweeps or just tweet what they think of.. And if there is mutual friends.. And of course.. If they are cute bardo.. I cant lie

Are you inked?


We're following each other of Twitter btw i really want to get to know you but i can't start the conversation first tho😅

Hmmmmm you really shouldn't be worried about who starting the conv first



Kinda like your way of thinking tbh it's so mature.

Thanks stranger 💕💕 appreciate it.

Why when you have a conflict with somebody both of you try to blame the other one and no one take responsibility for what he/she have done or at least admit they were wrong?

Cause of Ego.. Some people are just blinded by their ego.. They will fight and fight over and over on something they already know is wrong .. But anyway it's way better than admitting he was mistaken.

People are idiots.
Not all tho.

But it's Haram and nowadays i see a lot of people having sex like it's okay and they doing nothing wrong which freaks me out!

You asked what i think of them..
And i really dont think of them anyless.

And yes it's absolutely haram and people who do it.. They should be knowing and realising that what they doing is haram and not act like it's something normal.

But we are not angels as well

What do you think about people who have sex before marriage?

I am not playing god to think of them good or bad.

But i do have nothing on them bardo.

How do you know when you love someone not like friends but like lovers?

I guess when a a moment cant go by without you thinking about him.. Or when you are worried about him more than your own self.. Idk you really chose the wrong guy to ask.. And of course.. If you want him like really want him physically.. You don't think of friends this way.

Did you ever fall in love?



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