If a girl came to you and declare her love for you and she wasn't sure about yours but eventually it seems to be one sided-love what will u think about her?! Is it makes her looks bad because i do I regret saying every single word which made me weak and the balme is shifting on me to think this way.

Why would it make her look bad? Not at all.. She wont look better or worse for declaring and saying her feelings outloud..

ربنا يوفقك يا اتش


دنتاااا دحيح بقي

Ahahaha aha aked tab3an

شلت ايه؟


بجد يعني مش ندمان؟


انك دخلت طب مثلا😂😂😂😂

Masln.. Bas not that bad.. I'm lying

What if he talked to me again?!

You're grown up enough to not answer back

عمرك ندمت علي حاجة فحياتك؟


Okay i spoke up and ended everything up but i feel like my dignity has been raped, it was love from one side! But he was putting no limits between us which made me think maybe he's into you but clearly he was justifying everything as an act of friendship nothing more. Now I regret speaking up

You did the right thing by ending everything up..

If you end up your relationship or friendship with someone should you delete everything thing and remove them from social media?

If it would help you.. It's okay

Should I remove him from social media?

It would be a lil bit immature.. But if that gonna help you go over it.. That's fine

How you doing today?

Good.. I suppose

So should i tell him the reason or just end it up without giving any explanation like before?!

tell him and whatever he says back end it

I ended it up once but he get back and talked to me again and when he asked about the reason I couldn't say the real reason but now I can't keep going on something like that! I can't even talk about the real reason!You know i want him in my life on the other hand i can't keep pretending

yeah .. just end it. that's my ultimate advice for you. end it

My friend's birthday is today so I called him at 12:00 AM twice to say hbd but i got no reply and then i saw him online on Facebook and he doesn't call me back. That really pissed me off. For sure he got my calls but why someone just makes you regret doing something for them

calm down, he might has missed them for any reason.. wait tell you know why he didnt get your calls. you know at 12 in your birthday all people are contacting you so he might has just missed them you know..

What do you about a friendship that makes you tired and asking a lot of questions and being lost you don't even know if it's friendship or something more but none of you admit it, but the issue is this friendship is just makes you feel bad and lost

actually i had something like this and more .. i eventually ended it. believe me it's gonna get more toxic and toxic.

What if i'm his girlfriend he won't let me either!

you said friend. if you are his gf it's okay i guess.. he shouldn't have anything to hide from you.

I have a friend who doesn't allow anyone to touch his mobile it's weird I doubt that he is hiding something you know. But he swore there's nothing on it he just don't like anyone to touch it even if you want to see a photo in his mobile!!

even if he is hiding something, you have to respect his privacy and his wish whatever what! it is his own mobile anw

What do you think about those who make fake likes and followers?!

Can't know why they would do this..

I'm trying it suck😂

It does

I do which make it way harder to me :/

You can just test the water you know.. Dont say it out loud. Use your imagination

Yes i did but I can't he should take the first step you know

Well you should consider it..

No I couldn't say a word.

Well.. Did you think about it?

You know i saw it in his eyes this sparkle but he doesn't speak up which drive me crazy or maybe I just fantasize about things because i do have feelings for him

Did you try to face him?

The problem is i know him too well but i have no clue about his feelings



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