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Hesham Fawzy @HeshamFawzy
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Just Remember If You insulted me ! I will find you and I will KILL YOU!!
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asl ento drstko kolha was5a asln f bttl3o ws5en bs ana ba7bkom
Ente 7elwa
ana bamot f dma8 el daktra el ws5a Wnta blzat ba7s en dma8k ws5a w 7lwa
Hahahahaha howa Leh kolo 3ando el nazra de lena?
s7btak ?
So2al ebn weskha awlan far2a f eh w masmhash sa7btak kosm kelma
hya eli sabtk wla enta eli sbtha?
Heya men ? Eh da ?
m4 btfkr trtbt ?
Msh Gai 3ala baly wallahe
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enta mortbt?
Ana alatol horny w m4 b7b ab2a 3ala tol kda bs m4 be ede ana always wet law enta fahmny oly 7al
Hahahahahahaha okay this is weird
But try less thinking about sex when you are out..
hesham hesham hesham Enta 3asal
Thanks :) you too whoever you are .
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What makes you cry?
walahy ?
ba2olek eh ana zh2t mnk .. 3'ory
la enta mt3mlt4 w74 bs enta 3amlt feha wala 4yfny ana bnt
محصلش زمبؤلك كدا ..و اذا يعني ما يمكن انا مخدتش بالي او فعلا مفيش استلطاظ يعني
bs 5leek fakr mn twad3 lelah
و الله انا متواضع جدا بس يمكن يعني انت لما جيت اتعاملت معايا انا محبتكش او اي حاجة يعني بس عمري ما هكون زعلتك لدرجة تقول تنك يعني ! احا و الله ما تنك
enta leh tenek aw zaher enk tenek ?
طالما قولت كدا يبقي انت متعملتش معايا قبل كدا و ساعات ببقي كدا فعلا بس مش مع حد معرفوش يعني
aywa bs ana 3rfa eno howa 3omro mahyb2a 7ass kda na7yte ya3ne ana fe rejection khalas ..
okay then don't tell him .. btw be sure of your feeling towards him in the first place before deciding you love him or not cause till now all you are saying is that you like him not love .. try to get close to him like a friend at first know him better then decide
Why do zombies like brain so much?
technically because zombies are shit .. and the brain is a piece of shit which keep ruining our life constantly so .. hope for them a cheerful meal !
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3iza a5od r2yak f 7aga ana ba7b wa7d w hwa m4 3arfny aw m4 3arfny kways ya3ny w ana 3la tol 7asa eni m4 eli howa 3ayzha w ene na2sne keter awy 3al4an awsal le eno y7bny aw 7atta yl7zny howa leeh sa7bat banat kter wna 7ata m4 3arfa ab2a wa7da mnhm ana a3rfo b2ali santeen bs mtklmnash rob3 sa3a 3la b3
Okay .. that guy is called hesham ?
anyway .. you shall not be afraid of how he will feel about you .. fear of rejection sucks i'm telling you even worse than being actually rejected .. and your good enough for anyone maybe not that guy but to another one will see everything he ever wanted in you .. and that guy is not an angel too .. be aware of that .. he has alot of imperfections like all of us .. so hey .. raise your head up and tell him directly .. it doesn't matter he has female friends or not it has never been a problem for any relationship .
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bkrh wm4 lw7dy
Look how much i give a fuck
bkrh wm4 lw7dy
4ayf nfsak 45sya tt7b aw ttkrh ?
و الله انا مش فاهم انت ليه مهتم بال self esteem بتاعي اوى كدا ! انت بتحبني و لا بتكرهني
3mlt aaaa ?
alsora gmda zakert ???
thanks .. elmafrod :D bs kol da han3rfo bokra
m4 m7tag t3ml 3la fekra
؟ -_- احساس يعني
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m4 3gbak 7d filkolia leh ?
ميين قال كدا .. هو نسبيا صح بس ليه برضو انا عملت معاك/ي موقف يدل ع كدا
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enta leh
يعني ايه ليه ؟؟
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Which three words describe what living in your city is like?
Fucking shit hole!
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