I need a ride

Where are u

nah,, maybe you can give me a hint?

Not into guessing but whatever..

you cant stop thinking already

would you give me a hint ,,?

doesn't matter

That would give me something to think about..

i miss you tbh

Who is that?




Of course not.. Wtf
Ugly and live forever

if you had a chance for a "do-over" in life what would you do differently?

Nothing .. No regrets

ugly and live forever or attractive and die in a year?

Attractive and live for a year

What do you think about boys who follow lots of girls who shows a lot of skin in instagram or Twitter?



Nothing in particular but the way they act.. The way they get jealous the harder they sacrifice for your own sake.. The way they act.

Who to know if someone love you for you or if they just loved the way you made them feel not them as a person?

You would just feel it i guess.. It would be so freaking obvious

That's even worse!


Busy! Of course not it's a whole year he's not the president to be that busy😅 And if so then he's not a real friend! Right.

or maybe he is not into hanging with you .. doesnt mean he dislike you as a friend not at all but he just doesnt like hanging .. just maybe

and of course yeah he mostly is not a good friend

What do you think about a friend who never asked you to hang out with for so long almost a year and he's a close friend to you?

Idk maybe he is just busy or knowing new people.

if you can't get someone out of your head maybe they are supposed to be there but i think you are just moving on and you know your self better than anyone else.

I moved on ages ago but yeah maybe u right

missing is just part of moving on

Yeah i know

it's okay to miss someone memories last forever.

Yeah it is fine .. Still sucks tho

you shouldn't be missing?


and why is that?

Missing someone i shouldnt be missing ..

i can't tell you this is my little secret why are you in a bad mood?

Not bad but yeah kinda off today

i knew it

Ahaha why is that ..
It is a great one btw .. Like really great and matches the mood you know

witch one would you pick?

Hey you

any good songs?

Get lost- g -eazy
Hey you - pink floyd
Hometown glory- adele
Shades of cool - lana
A star for nick - lana
24- lana
Wicked game - chris isaq


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