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who is she?

not anyone's business?

Music won't help either.

Talk to someone

What would you do if you felt so lonely? Friends won't help in that case apparently they're fucked up.


What kind of mentality you love to find it in another person?

Open kinda one

If you were overweight by 20 kilograms and everybody telling you that you should lose weight every single one you're not even that fat but they put on pressure what would you do! At the end it's your body it's not there's business telling you how you should look!

Its your body and you can do whatever you want and whoever wont accept than can suck it.

In relationship?


I saw a video for my ex friend by accident when i saw his face i fall apart I thought i'm over him but when i saw that stupid video I couldn't handle it. Which means I'm not over him yet right. If i'm not over him what should i do to stop feelings that way?

you are apparently not over him so figure out if you wanna call him or not? if not then help yourself to forget stop watching any thing related to him videos, pics, stalk him on social media .. everything

It seems like there's no true friends on this planet eventually :vv


If a girl told you that she have doubts about your feelings towards her and you confuses her but you neglect it all and told her you're just friends. Can someone have no guts to confess their true feelings like maybe they're lying about it!! But what's the point of lying about something like that!!

real men dont lie? they confess their feelings

If your ex friend used to call you by a nickname and she's no longer in your life but your friends keep calling you by that nickname, would it bother you? Or it will for sure make your remember her everytime someone call you by it,right?

nah it is okay to remember i think ..

What's up?

im good ..you?



How to stop stalking someone who's no longer in your life?! I tried not to but what can i do with my stupid Curiosity.

you can't. i stay stalk some people sometimes .. but you can get used to the idea that he is no longer in your life so what is the point? it sucks anyway to stalk someone who you cant talk to.

If a person find it so hard to enjoy anything and loses interest literally in everything his friends his college his future etc.. nothing motivates him. What should he do? It's not a phase of his life it seems like his whole life turn to be that way!

he should take some quality time off for himself for his own sake .. he should cut any relation that stresses him in one way or another.. and he certainly should start enjoying his life and vibe more

friendship is based on network nowadays! Is it how it should goes?!


Have you met that person you can call your soulmate yet?


What do you think about people who appear and disappear whenever they like?


And some people call me dramatic and I don't give my self a chance to be happy meanwhile I'm trying to snap out of it but i just can't and i have no idea when this will end.

It will pass .. Everything pass you just have to let go of the memories that keep holding you back .. And you will be happy again. Im certain

Yeah I did but it's not helping at all

Take it easy on yourself

It has been a whole year and nothing changes!

Did you try to talk to someone like have kinda deep conv about it with someone?

Do you enjoy hanging out with family?


And why is that?!!

Just a break down.. It will pass believe me

Have you ever felt like nothing interest you anymore even traveling anything that is supposed to make you happy you feel nothing about it maybe it makes you feel worse!

Yeah have those attacks of feelings every now and then

I need a ride

Where are u

nah,, maybe you can give me a hint?

Not into guessing but whatever..


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