Even if we talk again I think it won't help, for sure he won't change i have no idea why do you think he didn't talk to me for this long even though he's stalking me!! What does he want?! I'm so confused

If you want him.. Talk with him. End of story.

Dont bother trying to figure out why he is stalking you.. Maybe he is just making a point of you talked to him first and yes some people are just this way.. Or maybe he does miss you idk.. But I'm sure of the fact if he misses you that much he would talk to you right.. Maybe he is just playing games. Curious of what you are doing. Or maybe just games.

And i think he's waiting for me to talk first too because he's stalking me on social media but if i talk to him again he will say ani habla because if I talked first then it's my second time to do that again what should i do i want him back regardless what he have done!


What should i do if i can't get over someone i still love him unfortunately i'm the one who cut him off this is the second time for removing him in social media and I thought it's over but it's not i still love him i'm waiting for him to talk first but he won't me neither


I cut off a friend from my life since 4 months he sent me a massage the first day i cut him off and now i'm feeling like i want to respond to it! Can i? Or it doesn't make any sense it's too late

Just talk to him again..dont reply to a message 4 months late.. That's ironic.. Just talk to him/her

Tb wb3din el wa7d araf w akid msh a7na ele ps kwisen fe 7aga 3'lt🙃

just try to stick with the few best you can click with and you shall be okay

El nas kolha b2et weskha keda lih?!

lessa gaii tektshef?

How did you develop your way of writing English?


Have you ever been in love?


No it doesn't everything is a total mess right now i can't help it and i have no idea what should i do it's been a while since that happened a whole year but nothing changes! I guess i'll stuck in this grave and suffer the consequences forever.

i guess you are just still in the grieving phase and one year is not that much .. just try to accept the face that this person is gone. acceptance will get you through wallahy



Everyday i go to sleep i wish if i never wake up again i have been like that since someone dear to my heart died it's been a year.. i have no energy for anything and i suck at college everything is upside down any my life breaks down what do you think i should do?? Thanks in advance.

just try to accept the fact that he is gone .. and he is someplace way better than this fucked up life and try to move on. i guess the hardest part is the acceptance but life goes on you know.

Hwa ynf3 7ad y3ml retweet aw yktb tweets 3n 7ga hwa msh relates leha wla lazm ykon 7ga 7ases beha if you know what i mean.

Yeah completely normal ya3ny

Cheer up dude

Bahawel wallahy

Anyway tell me how was your day?


No it didn't escalated or anything you know i love you

What's wrong with your whatsapp tayeb

But i love you

That escalated pretty quick.. Thanks

Then you will never love anyone cuz you dont even love yourself??

I guess yes

You will never be happy right??

i guess not

I mean it hesham

that's cute

I want you to know that some people care about you Don't be sad please

oh.. thanks :)

with cigarettes or weed?

cigarettes will do it

are you always sad?

not always but recently i am

smoke your life with me 🚬🚬🚬

lets do this

all i wanna do is smoke my life away so i shield my mind, i see no other way

sign me in wallahy ..


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