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Hey cutie 💜💚❤️
Hey! :)
Thoughts on Shelby Gray?
She's pretty cool :) hah
Gonna date Riley? XD
Umm what?
Hey  Huntetbogh
Hey lol
This Saturday party at sugar loaf be there bring friends
Mmmkay :)
Tbh I miss you and we should hangout soon I was sick at this weekend ambit another weekend soon. You've been my best friend since like forever and we've had some great memories together and you're very very pretty 😈  Haley
Thankyou so much! :) and yes we need to hangout soon! hahah ♥
Top 5 favourite songs?
Hurricane - Halsey
Toxic - Melanie Martinez
Take me to church - Hozier
My sweet summer - Dirty Heads
Ghost - Halsey
Ect.. lol! ♥♥
Good morning beautiful ❤️
Goodmorning :(
You are such a beautiful girl, don't think otherwise. You always dress so nicely and smile 😍 wow, you're gorgeous, absolutely flawless!
Omg thankyou so much!! like holy!! please hmu! I think we could become great friends hahah.
You're so strong and not to mention you're stunning 😍 his loss really!!
Thankyou hah not really but yes i do agree i do deserve better.
He didn't treat you right, he should never have flirted with so many other girls :/ no trust is no respect. You deserve sooooo much more
Thankyou very much and yes i 100% agree. There wasnt much trust.
You are so beautiful, I'm sorry about everything that's happened! He shouldn't have played you. You deserve so much more!
I dont beleive i got played.. idk thankyou so much though :) hmu sometime?
Omg you're so pretty, I dare you to give a friend of yours a wedgie. Post a video or post a pic of the dare if you want to.
Thankyou :) hah i will later maybe.
Pap of your feet x
Thats really weird.
Full body pic from side?
How about this?
Full body pic from side?
Going to Colby's?
Riley's a fuckboy 😂
Who is your biggest mentor?
Not riley.
How long have you & riley been together
It will be one year on March 29th, where we will actually be in Vancouver meeting my family and going to maroon 5! <3 floor seats!
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Do you sing?
I loovvvee singing :).
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You're an idiot.
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Ass pic?
You are beautiful <3  Atakan
Thanks :)
front selfie?
front selfie?
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I love you so much  Riley Heinzelman
I love you too :) xo