Holly-Anne Patricia Gray @Hgraay
hate me. love me.
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Who knows you the best?
My ex.
You look like Emily Deschanel
I just googled her. Thank you.
I'd do everything and anything to fuck you
Eww , I just seen that picture of your ass and almost puked . Go for a run or two maybe even five , and uh do some squats cause that ass is gross ! Kaay thanks :)
Eww , I just seen that picture of your ass and almost puked . Go for a run or two maybe even five , and uh do some squats cause that ass is gross ! Kaay thanks :)
Who is Jackie galley
I don't even know who the fuck she is!? Apparently I have a grudge on her and know her ex abusive ex?! Like what! Who the fuck are you.
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
They'd be healthier and have more energy and be happier. Tbh. I love steak though.
Your ear holes are huge
Going bigger.
Post a picture of you
Here. Have Lori too because she's a huge babe.
Post a picture of you
You're pretty disgusting aha put some clothes on , nobody likes a slut , just sayin' :) ✌
So now a slut is defined as just a person and what they wear in general, nothing to do with sex.. Interesting. Logical.
Who is this holly-anne patricia person anyway? some chick who has a grudge against me since 2009 and likes to stalk my ask and tumblr accounts passing on information/shit i write about to my psychopathic lowlife of an abusive ex-boyfriend as a simultaneous effort for them both to feel better about t
I don't even know who the hell her ex is? She's paranoid to shit and thinks everyone's after her..
you're perfect
Thaannnk yoooou
Does it bother you that in order to feel secure and confident with your body you have to expose yourself on the internet when everybody else knows if they're attractive or not without having to go to such lengths? haha http://assets.diylol.com/hfs/e8c/c37/cb4/resized/grandma-finds-the-internet-meme-
Does it bother YOU that in order to feel secure about YOUR body you need to constantly pick apart/comment on others body's, anonymously I might add; in a rude condescending way? Which I feel is a hell of a lot worse showing insecurity then someone who actually has the confidence to post their body publicly.. lol anyone else who actually has some stability would agree completely as well.
Also where are you getting your information I post my body? I am ALWAYS completely clothed.
what do you eat for breakfast
do you like the beatles?
Yep I do.
I bet whoever said that is probably from trail
Yeah probably lol dirty.
Pretty sure Calgary is a lot worse for "crack whores" and drugs. Idiot.
Probably but it rations out with those who are actually clean of drugs, Red Deer is the highest drug city in alberta and it's 51038192 times smaller then calgary, so saying calgary is bigger drug city then trail simply because of the size is so ignorant of you to say. Trail is dirty and it does not ration out with those who are clean of drugs, or whores. Lol Everyone in trail is cracked out whores. IDIOT. Hey look. I know words too. Wow.
tell me about your ex
why.. and who..
god i love you, but you have no idea
I do not, and it doesn't matter to me because I am happily inlove with my bf, and he is happily inlove with me, and that's all the love I need.
i am always scared to talk to u becaause u seem so mean on here
I really am a super nice person, and I seem mean because all the comments I get are 90% bs and the other ones are rude. Talk to me like I am a human being, I won't be mean.
What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
fruit, and english muffins with butter&jam. mmm
holy I love you
cracked out drug whores? more like you.
they LITERALLY made a movie of trail, that was ALL about drugs. Nuff said. I have never touched drugs in my life.
how old are you?
nearly 20.
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Do you live in trail even?
No, I haven't since I was 13/14 years old.. it's actually insane that people are still holding onto me.