Holly-Anne Patricia Gray
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What was the worst age you’ve had so far?

Like me being that age? Probably 13-15 one of those.

What did you try last night?

A cold naked shower with this lady.

When was the last time you tried something new?

Last night I guess.

Do you masturbate

I haven't in awhile.

You are so attractive.. Don't let the haters bug you. Stop worrying about Jackie.

Legit 90% of my ask is just questions about her.. I haven't even answered half. I am just over it.. If anyone has any questions of anything else, I'll be answering that, and only that.

How do you know it's her ip?

Ip address is from Castlegar. Like I said, either her or her larger friend.

You blamed your anon hate on her.

Refer to comment below.

I like how she is asking you anon questions being rude then trying to make you out to be like you're bringing her up

Always does, she asks me anon questions being rude, I know it's her, then tries to play dumb like it's not. My friend tracked the ip address, try again. This is what I mean about her. I am over it, stop asking/talking about her, if she wants to be rude, let her be, idc.

It's interesting you're bringing Jackie up again claiming she's obsessed with you when you're always talking about her...

I'm not bringing her up, I'm being asked about her.

What stories did she make up? Wtf!

Ask her about me. Anything that comes out of her mouth about me, I gaurentee it'll be some made up bs to cause her to look innocent, to save her the embarrassment of the truth.. Honestly, why do you care so much?

You've never tried to be her friend?

Don't care enough.

I thought you guys were friends?

Ok for real.. I just said, I don't know her, at all, never have, never will, she's tried to ask to be friends but I'm not interested.. I'm done with this. Go away.

It's a good poem.

Send me it.

I thought you had history with Jackie? Unless it's a different one..... Didn't you grow up with her ex?

I have history with her ex, we grew up together from when we were babies to gr 4, you realize how long ago that was? I saw him like once or twice in gr 9/10, again that's long long ago, and we talk every now and again to see how we are doing, but jackie, I've never met Jackie, ever, she grabbed this obsession over me when she found out I was Brents first love, and started to make up these stories, and stalk my social media, they dated when they were kids, I don't even know anything about them, or her... Just that he dated her.

I wrote a poem about you

Siq. I hope it's not a bad poem about how much I suck.

How do you know them?

I don't. I can't even remember their names half the time, they don't even live in the same province, I've never met them, I don't know who the hell they are.

What's their asks?

Halocynosis I think is one, idk the other.

Why obsessions?

Ask them.. Honestly. I'd explain, but I really don't want to..

They're stupid then! Who is it??

Lol some girl named Jackie, or some larger girl who's friends with her, I forget her name. They have this obsession with me...

I love your lipstick :) and the way you edit your photos!

Thanks haha. Instagram and whitagram!

How do you know it's one person? :( .. wise words!!

Because it's one ask after another, always at the same time. I know exactly who it is too.. Lol

Wow these people are so mean to you!!! Don't let it get you down :)

It's legit just one person lol. Don't worry, for someone to insult me, I must first value their opinion.

Why you always talkin bout ur ex's

It just works out that way.

Don't worry holly Anne what comes around is all around


It is really happening. Bad genes ! Bummer .

It happens sometimes, everyone gets it, I'm only human. Idc. My ex found it adorable that I broke out sometimes.. Again, to each is their own.