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Hodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! <3
Hi :D o.0
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What makes you nervous?
Talking to him :$
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Who is your hero?
My dad <3 :*
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wala shi ! keef 3rfti eno hay ana
l w7eda l kol ma t7ki eshi lzm tshtm yb2a meen 3'erk wela
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hoda wnkk ya hywanaaaaaaaaaa
fl batttt eash bdkkk
What do you think when you look in the mirror?
oooo Sexyy <3 *-* hahahah :p
Bio on Me yala ♥  ليال♡
you......walah lsani 3gaz 3n l klam <3
ur just my life :*
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Do we become happy only when we meet the one we love?
we can be happy at any time bs the time u get or feel happiness from ur heart is the time u see the one u really love *_* ^.^
hoda whats ur best moment
when im with that person , hands in hands ^.^
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why were u mad today or sad
ya5ii im not how many times should i say
i was just tired and i had lot of things to do
hbibi z3lannn :o
im not bs tired
Do you like being alone?
yahh *_* ema jumana tkoon m3aya ema akoon alone <3
why do u hate him
ya5i he is annoying uff mno w lz2aa !! damn
w7shanii ya gzmaa b2lii more than 5 days msh bshoofk wl agaza gyaa w msh m3akii !!! :((((((((( ana meen
3mo mlmeen
meen 3'erk ya albi wnty kmn whshtni so ***** much <3 hbibii miss u bs isa tom hshofk ya amr *_* ^_^
Who is the guy you will never regeret that you knew him ?
mmm... idk but i think bassel
I love you :*
me too bs meen ? :P
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I wont tell u
5las 3rft ;) msh lazm
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What makes you feel like a boss?
my friends *_* ^_^ <3
What’s the first thing you did when you woke up today?
look in the mirror *_* see that beautiful face :$ :p
jumana's friend ??
mohamed nasser sa7?
do u have a best friend ?
yup ^_^
mohamed jumana's friend !!
la don't tell me !
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What color do you wear most frequently?
black *_*
how old r u ?
13 ill be 14 next 4/4 ;)
yup on facebook
tb whats ur name ?