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Top 5 bestfriends?
Nicolette Seth Zach Logan
thoughts on Mackenzie ranting u out?
who cares
im glad at least someone had the balls to say that too mac! thank you for saying it so I don't have to
why is everyone making a big deal out of what you said seriously though? she had it coming hahahah, and it wasnt even that harsh shes just looking for attention.  Cydney
you're a good person
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Why do you like her?
because I do why do you care
After all the shit that happened, are you and nicolette still gonna be together? Like she has no friends so mine aswell leave her too, shes not worth anything.. You guys dont deserve eachother
u don't know shit so stut up please I'm not gonna leave her just leave everything alone honesty u have no respect for anyone come off anon
Wasnt your hockey tournament out of town? She went with you?
You my freind, your a dick.
ok :)
When did you guys take that picture? You never hangout
we took that picture yesterday at my hockey tournament
haha fuckin liar
k faggot
She has feelings dude, no need to hurt them, high fives n good vibes.  devan racine✔️
Sorry to say this hunter, but what the fuck dude! Why would you even say that? Dick move man, dick move. Still love you though  devan racine✔️
devan no :(
then why do you look asian in that pic you posted?
because Seth put a light in my eyes
Are you asian?
no are you
Hows nicolette doing with all this stuff going on
she hates it thanks for asking
Pap of u and ur girrl
Pap of u and ur girrl
why did she delete ask? I wanted to chirp her
shut up ur ugly
Plans today
well once u guys break up, (which is soon i can see it coming) she will be left alone, with no friends. thanks to you
shut up fuck
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Do you even love her
yes yes I do
Ha wow your nicolettes only friend
ha wow your a faggot
So you and mackenzie now eh?
little shits chirping on anon like really?.. you stood up for you're girlfriend yeah things went a bit too far but people gotta stfu, like "nigga" ;) bitchs be bitchs hahaha it'll pass no worries ;)
I like you would u like to hangout sometime my nigga
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im not cutting myself here people
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